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Mulberrys Cleaners 2018 Entrepreneur Scholarship Winner

The Mulberrys Cleaners 2018 Entrepreneur Scholarship Winner

For the second year in a row, we challenged high school and college students around the country to present us with an innovative business idea for the opportunity to win a $1,000 college scholarship. We look forward to reviewing these submissions each year and this year’s applicants were equally as impressive as last year’s. We were impressed both by the business ideas students pitched to us and their thoughtful plans and strategies for making their business dreams a reality. Though it was difficult to choose only one winner, there was one submission that stood out from the rest. We’re excited to announce the 2018 winner of our Entrepreneur Scholarship is Hannah McDonald from the University of Denver!

The winner of the Mulberrys Cleaners 2018 Entrepreneur Scholarship.

Hannah McDonald is a first-year student at the University of Denver, majoring in business and psychology. She grew up in Boulder, Colorado and loves everything the state has to offer  including the culture and active lifestyle–from hiking and camping in the summer to skiing in the winter. Hannah enjoys world travel and has learned a lot from the opportunities she’s had to visit other countries and cultures. A few years ago, Hannah decided to become vegan and stopped eating processed sugars in hope of finding a healthier and more well-rounded diet. This lifestyle change helped her develop a passion for nutrition and access to healthy foods. In the future, Hannah hopes to combine her passion for nutrition and academic endeavors to start her own business: a health-conscious bakery, where people can find a supportive community to create new eating habits and change their lives.

Join us in congratulating Hannah!  You can check out her submission below.

My future plans, from the perspective of a nineteen year old: I will obtain a double major in business and psychology from the University of Denver; return to school for my masters; spend my twenties and early thirties in the business world, gaining experience; settle down and have a family; then, when my kids are older, open my own business–a gluten-free, dairy-free, processed sugar-free bakery. This bakery is my ultimate goal, and what I do between now and then is preparing me to achieve this goal. I have large aspirations, and while these plans likely won’t be executed exactly as they are currently set, I know that, fundamentally, I just want to help others, specifically through the work I do with my future bakery.

I have developed a passion for nutrition, and I hope to share it with others. Eating healthy is key to living a happy, productive, and overall healthy life. I have personally experienced the change that can occur by transitioning to a healthier diet, and I strongly believe that what an individual chooses to consume has an impact far beyond what many believe it has. Therefore, it is disheartening to me that people are unable to attempt a healthier lifestyle, whether it is due to lack of education or financial constraints. In my future health-conscious bakery, I intend to make a difference in the community by educating others on the benefits of eating healthy and how to make it a reality. Many believe that when switching to a healthier diet, they must give up the tasty treats they love, making the transition more difficult. However, this predetermination will be proven false, as many health-conscious, tasty treats will be served in the bakery. Brownies, sorbet, muffins, cookies, and pie can all be made without unhealthy additives, but these delicious, healthy treats are not readily served or recognized. I plan to share my personal experiences, recipes, and advice on obtaining a healthy diet, ultimately benefiting the surrounding community since food has such a large impact on one’s life.

My business background will undoubtedly give me the knowledge to open and run the bakery. Having only completed one quarter, ten weeks, at the University of Denver, I can already see this. In my first business class, Gateway to Business, we completed the Madden Challenge: a nearly quarter-long project in which I took a mere idea and turned it into a business plan, ready to be pitched to investors. On September 20th, I had less than twenty seconds to introduce my app idea. By November 1st, I had a business plan, revenue model, website, prototype, and digital presentation. Additionally, I gave a seven minute oral presentation with one of my group members, pitching our business idea. Through this process, I began to learn about the different areas of business, about entrepreneurship, and about what it takes to start a business. The amount of knowledge, experience, and growth I obtained in just this one class is remarkable, and having experienced this, I can only imagine how well my next eleven quarters at the University of Denver will prepare me to meet my goals and pursue my passions.

My bakery idea has potential to become a community for the health-conscious, extending from ready-to-eat healthy treats to support for obtaining a healthy lifestyle. Making this idea a reality will take work, but both nutrition and helping others is something I care about deeply. Food has the power to change a person’s life, and therefore, I am excited to gain the experience and put in the work to help others experience this change.

5 Things You Did Not Know Were Hiding in Your Bed

Your bedding and linens may be fluffy and cozy, but there may be some not-so-nice things hiding in them that require an eco-friendly clean.

Last year, we learned that many of you don’t regularly change your bed sheets in our American Laundry Habits Survey. 17% of men and 7% of women say they never wash their guest sheets. When it came to washing bedding, around 7% of men said they only wash their sheets every six months and 10% of men said they couldn’t remember the last time they did it.

Your beds and linens are full of (bad) surprises that could be affecting your skin, allergies, and sleeping habits.  We can help restore your bedding to a fresh, clean state.

Why is getting your bedding and linens cleaned by a professional so important? There are five main reasons why you should refresh your bedroom in 2019.

Your bedding and linens can be full of dust mites.

1. Dust Mites: Dust mites are microscopic bugs that feed off of dust, dirt, and dead skin cells left behind in your bedding and linens. It’s estimated that 1/3 of your bedding and linens could be infested with these pesky little bugs! They can cause allergy flair ups! The right combination of eco-friendly detergents and care can ensure dust mites don’t take over your bedroom.

2. Animal and Human Hair: Hair isn’t always easy to spot. It can get deep inside your linens and bedding. Sometimes, even high-powered washers and vacuums can’t remove all the hair! A professional cleaner is able to remove all the hidden hairs you may not notice with your eyes.

Animal hair can linger in your bedding and linens.

3. Dead Skin: Believe it or not, your skin falls off in your sleep, even if it’s not flaky! On average, a person will shed about 1.5 pounds of dead skin a year. Dust mites love to feed on dead skin, so making sure your bedding and linens are washed regularly can help keep the dust mites away.

4. Bugs: Besides dust mites, other microscopic bugs can linger in your sheets. From bed bugs to fleas, your home can create an atmosphere for these little triggers to set up shop.

5. Sweat: Did you know the average human sweats 2 gallons of sweat a year? Now imagine most of that sweat being soaked up by your pillows, blankets, and sheets.

When was the last time you had your bedding and linens professionally cleaned? With our eco-friendly detergent and processes, not only will you refresh your bedding and linens but we’ll send them back to you toxin-free. Refresh your bedroom and wake up feeling refreshed this fall!

Update: Mulberrys is now Cashless

Mulberrys has decided to move towards a cashless business model to better serve your laundry and dry cleaning needs.

Dry cleaning & laundry reimagined. That was, and still is, our mission. What started as an idea to transform the laundry and dry cleaning industry has now turned into the new cultural “norm” for those who have tried our services.

Over the years, we’ve changed the way people think about their dry cleaning and laundry experience with free collar stays and button replacement, wood hangers, eco-friendly processes, toxin-free detergent, an on-demand app, same day services, and pickup & delivery. As we continue to expand our services in Dallas, Minneapolis, and San Francisco we’re taking another look at how we can continue to modernize the industry. With the popularity of our on-demand app and the way technology has impacted how customers pay, we’ve decided to go cashless.

Cashless?! What do you mean?! We’ve seen a decrease in cash transactions over the years. Many of our customers use some form of digital pay option to place their order with Mulberrys and after much research and many meetings, we concluded that a cashless business model is beneficial for you, the client, beyond just payment. It helps our store associates serve you faster, allows our pickup & delivery services to run without you having to be present, lines up with our mission to be eco-friendly and green, and makes for a more overall efficient customer service experience.

Our on-demand app offers cashless payment options.

Right now, we won’t be accepting Venmo or Paypal, but we will accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. We hope to add Venmo and PayPal as options in the near future. You can still use your debit or credit card like you normally would, too.

“We at Mulberrys are really excited about going cashless. This is just another step in our quest to reimagine the dry cleaning and laundry experience and make it smoother and easier for our customers.”

– Dan Miller, President of Mulberrys Garment Care

We continue to improve the laundry and dry cleaning experience for you and going cashless will allow us to provide you with the best service possible throughout the entire Mulberrys experience. We know not every business has moved towards a cashless model and many of you still carry cash. For those of you who prefer cash, we apologize in advance for any inconvenience that this may cause you.

We’re here to work through any issues along the way as you join us on this new cashless journey. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns (Minneapolis/St. Paul:, San Francisco:, Dallas:

Thank you, as always, for choosing Mulberrys, We’re excited to show you how our new cashless model can improve your experience with us.

Negotiating a Salary or Asking for a Raise [Survey]

How People Really Feel About Negotiating a Salary or Asking for a Raise

At Mulberrys Garment Care, we know that there are many challenges to running a business. For both employees and employers, one of the hardest parts of being in the workforce is salary negotiation. We conducted a survey on common attitudes about salary negotiation, and break down the data below to help combat your salary negotiation fears.

Salary Basics

There are many factors that go into choosing a field to go into, especially considering the fact that your career can occupy over 40 hours a week, and could span several decades in length. One of the things that many take into consideration when choosing a profession is the pay. In fact, 30.3% of people surveyed said that the starting salary for positions in their chosen field was an important aspect when they were considering what profession to go into. This number varies when gender and generation are taken into account, with millenials expressing the highest amounts of deliberation about salary when deciding on a field.

Most people said starting salary in chosen field of employment was important.

A majority of respondents feel underpaid.

Despite starting salary being a major factor for many in the decision to enter into a profession, 52.8% of people report feeling underpaid. Members of Generation X reported feeling underpaid in the highest rates, at 61%, while Baby Boomers are the only generation to consider themselves adequately paid, at 53%.

A majority wouldn’t inflate their current salary on an application.

Even though the majority of respondents reported feeling that they were underpaid, most also said that they would not inflate their current salary on a job application. Only 35% of those surveyed would inflate their salaries, with Millenials responding that they would engage in the practice at the highest rate: 42%.

Making the Ask

While salaries are a huge factor for consideration when choosing a career and many feel as though they are underpaid, how do people approach salary negotiation when given a chance?

A majority of respondents were uncomfortable asking for a raise.

Gender doesn’t matter in asking for a raise for a majority of respondents.

It is a well-researched fact that women have a harder time negotiating salary than men, and our study was no exception. 21% of women feel “very uncomfortable” asking for a raise, while only 12% of men expressed the same discomfort. In fact, only Generation X indicated a higher level of ease when asking for a raise. Baby Boomers, by comparison, reported feeling “somewhat uncomfortable” and “very uncomfortable” at the highest rates, at 41% and 19% respectively.

How people prepare for a salary negotiation.

Everyone prepares to negotiate their salary differently, but there were some commonalities. Most preferred to compile their accomplishments to present as evidence for why they are deserving of a raise. However, 47% of respondents choose to focus on industry standards for salary, while 45% prep by rehearsing their pitch.

Salary expectations among survey respondents.

Beliefs and realities of salary negotiation

There are many expectations that people have when asking for a raise, and overall, there are many different beliefs about what salary negotiations should be. While 56.2% of people believe that most negotiate their salary before accepting a job, 48.7% don’t negotiate the offered salary before accepting a position. In fact, 28% of people have never asked for a raise at all, even though the majority of people surveyed expect a modest raise yearly.

Salary negotiation is one of the trickiest parts of any job. Hopefully, this guide will give you the confidence to know that you’re not alone in your uneasiness around asking for a raise. If you have any tips or helpful hints on asking for and securing a raise, leave them in the comments below!


The Newest Way to do Your Dry Cleaning & Laundry is Now in Dallas

Here at Mulberrys, we are on a mission to reimagine dry cleaning and laundry for the 21st century in Dallas with our pickup & delivery services and eco-friendly approach.

“…it’s one laundry experience that you won’t mind entrusting your clothes with.”

Paper City Magazine

“The on-demand, toxin-free laundry and dry cleaning company irons out wrinkles for customer experience in a dated industry.”

Dallas Innovates

And it’s not only the pros talking about our services.  Our clients have a lot to say about our pickup and delivery services, too!

“I normally don’t write reviews… but I can’t stop raving about Mulberrys. It’s like walking into a spa. I’m not kidding. and then to see the freshly laundered shirts on WOODEN hangers with collar stays…”

– Holly

“I’m very happy to find a local, toxin-free dry cleaner that also provides high-quality service!”


Mulberrys, selected as one of America’s Best Cleaners, offers pickup and delivery laundry services that come to your home, pick up your laundry, wash your clothes with eco-friendly detergents, dry and fold, and deliver your fresh laundry back to your home.

Our services are now available in the Dallas area.  Schedule your pickup & delivery through our app or online.

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How can our pickup & delivery services keep you out of the laundry room and doing the things you love?

1. You don’t need to be home for your pickups and deliveries.  Leave your laundry in your Mulberrys laundry bag at your door.  Let us know what time to pick it up and we’ll swing by!  When it’s finished, we’ll drop it off at the location of your choice.

2. We offer same day service. Don’t panic! When life gets busy, we offer same day pickup and delivery.

3. Our on-demand app allows you to easily schedule your order.  Use your phone to schedule your laundry orders.  No more complicated online experiences or in-store orders.

4. We only use eco-friendly, toxin-free detergents and provide wooden hangers.  One complaint many people have about laundry services is the chemical-smelling detergents.  We only use Caldrea, an eco-friendly, toxin-free detergent.  Your clothes will come back fresh and not smelling like chemicals. You’ll also find your dress shirts returned to you on wooden hangers to ensure they don’t wrinkle or lose their shape.

5. You’ll spend more time doing the things you love in Dallas than in the laundry room. When we set out to reimagine the dry cleaning industry, it was important that we used innovative ways that made life easier for our customers and improved the entire laundry experience.  With our pickup & delivery services, your laundry and dry cleaning will be well taken care of and you can get out there and enjoy life.

Thanks for the warm welcome, Texas! We’re excited to share our pickup and delivery services with the Dallas community.  Schedule your order today! Pickup & delivery is available in the following zip codes: 75230, 75225, 75205, 75219, 75201 75202

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Man with Mulberrys Bag in front of Mulberrys Delivery Van

How to Treat the 5 Most Common Fourth of July Stains

Fourth of July is a day for food, friends, and fun, but watch out for stains.  Your cookout menu may end up on your shirt.  Use these tips to conquer the five most common Fourth of July stains.

If on Thursday, the stains persist, bring them into a Mulberrys Cleaners store or schedule a pickup and delivery.  Our stain removal experts will use our eco-friendly cleaning solutions to remove those pesky stains.

1. Ketchup: Whether it’s on a cheeseburger or a hot dog, globs of ketchup can drip and leave an unflattering stain on your clothes.  Remove as much as the stain as you can and blot with a cloth.  Mix a small about of detergent and cold water together and blog until the stain begins to disappear.

2. Beer: While Beer is a light colored liquid, it can certainly do damage to your clothes. Apply a mixture of cold water and eco-friendly laundry detergent. Let sit for at least five minutes.  Repeat until the stain disappears (and grab another beer while you wait!).

3. Red Wine: Cheers! A glass of red wine make any holiday more fun, but a spill on your shirt can quickly ruin your favorite outfit. Blot lightly, do not rub, with a damp cloth and sprinkle some salt on the stain. Wash in the washing machine.

Avoid Memorial Day cookout stains

4. Colored Cake Frosting: What’s a Fourth of July party without a red, white, and blue cake?  Cake frosting includes food coloring, which can be difficult to get out of any piece of clothing. Scrape away as much as the stain as possible.  Blot with cold water and eco-friendly laundry detergent.  If possible, apply an instant stain remover.  Wash the clothing item in the washer and bring it to your dry cleaner if the stain sets!

5. Cheeseburger: No cookout is complete without a giant, juicy cheeseburger. A cheeseburger is a combination stain, so you have to treat each ingredient separately. Cheeseburgers can include both plant-based and animal-based stains. Blot the spot with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to break down the oils. Flush out the rubbing alcohol and pour on some vinegar to break down the plant-based elements. Dab hydrogen peroxide on the stain to remove the animal-based elements.

Avoid stains at your cookout

The best way to ensure a stain doesn’t ruin your clothes is to bring it to a professional.  At Mulberrys, we treat your clothes with the best eco-friendly detergents and stain removal processes.

Enjoy your Fourth of July celebrations and don’t worry about the stains. We’ll take care of them!


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Five Tips to Help You be the Best Dressed Wedding Guest

Look Your Best as a Wedding Guest This Wedding Season With These Garment Care Tips

How many weddings are on your list this summer?  Two?  Three? Ten? Twenty?  Being a wedding guest is fun, but finding an outfit and preparing your clothes for wedding season can be stressful. Everyone is looking at the bride and groom, but you should look and feel your best, too!

If you want to be the best-dressed wedding guest this wedding season, follow these five simple tips.

1. Swap out your old buttons for new buttons.  Believe it or not, buttons go in and out of season just like fabrics, colors, and whole outfits.  For most suits and dresses, a neutral colored button is a preference. Swap out those neutral colored buttons for a pop of color. At Mulberrys Cleaners, our tailors can replace button, clasps, and zippers to update your clothes.Replace old, neutral colored buttons with new ones.2. Take your clothes to a professional cleaner.  Washing machines can lose their touch over the years.  Laundry detergents don’t always clean every type of fabric.  A professional cleaner ensures that your clothing item is washed correctly. Mulberrys Cleaners uses wet cleaning or dry cleaning depending on your garments’ needs.  Our processes and detergents are all eco-friendly, too!

An eco-friendly dry cleaner can brighten up your wedding guest outfit.

Use our pickup & delivery services for your next wedding outfit!

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3. Polish and shine your old shoes.  Many people think shoes have a lifespan, and that lifespan can be short.  A cobbler can take your old and damaged shoes and transform them into a brand new, stylish pair for your summer weddings.  Mulberrys Cleaners’ cobblers are trained to replace leather heels, replace leather and rubber soles, sew and replace straps, repair stiletto heels and so much more.

TIP: Be sure your cobbler is trained to clean and repair leather shoes.  Leather items can require an additional skillset.

4. Tailor your dress or suit for the perfect fit. A tailor can help tweak your outfit, so it perfectly fits your shape. Our tailors can add or remove fabric to ensure you look and feel your best in your wedding guest attire.

Use a tailor to update your wedding guest wardrobe.

5. Add new accessories to any repeated outfits.  You may find yourself having to repeat outfits this wedding season.  Adding simple accessories, such as handkerchiefs, pocket squares, scarves, or new jewelry can disguise your repeat outfit.

This summer, be the best-dressed guest at your friends’ and families’ weddings.  Be sure to check out our deals and promotions to save on your dry cleaning, laundry, shoe repairs, and tailoring orders.

Are you a bride and a guest this wedding season?  Read our Wedding Dress Guide for information about our wedding dress preservation services.


Treat Summer’s Most Common Stains With Our Summer Stain Guide

Our Summer Stain Guide has all the tips for treating summer’s most common stains.

There might not be any season better than summer. The weather is beautiful, weekend nights are full of fun outdoor events with family and friends, and you can’t beat summer food whether it’s ice cream or a refreshing watermelon. Treat summer’s most common stains with our Summer Stain Guide.

As always, the best way to remove any stain is to take it to a professional. At Mulberrys Cleaners, our stain experts are ready to tackle any stain using eco-friendly detergents and processes. Our pickup and delivery service can get your summer wardrobe back to you quick and spotless.

Pre-treat fruit juice stains with an eco-friendly stain remover.

1. Fruit Juices: Juicy watermelon, fresh strawberries, and sweet blueberries are the perfect summer snack, but fruit juice can be one of the hardest stains to get out. If tasked with removing fruit juice, blot lightly with cold water. Pre-treat with an eco-friendly stain remover. Wash according to your clothing item’s laundry tag.

2. Iced Coffee: In the summer, your coffee may turn from hot to cold. First, rub cold water on the back of the stain. If the stain persists, apply liquid laundry detergent on the stain. Blot with cold water. Repeat until stain disappears or wash your clothing item in your washer.

Are summer stains keeping you in the laundry room?

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3. Pizza Sauce: What’s a summer Friday night without pizza and friends? For pizza stain, scrape away as much of the stain as possible. Run cold water on the back of your clothing item for about 10-15 minutes. Rub liquid detergent or dish soap on the stain. Repeat until the stain is gone or wash it in your washer if the stain persists.

4. Sunscreen: Sunscreen protects your skin, but it sure doesn’t protect your clothes. Remove excess lotion and treat with a stain remover. Wash in your washing machine, but don’t place anything in the dryer unless the whole stain is removed!
Flush out ice cream stains from the back then treat with detergent.

5. Ice Cream: Whether it’s chocolate or vanilla (or mulberry flavored – our favorite!), ice cream can easily stain any fabric. Blot away as much of the stain as possible. Flush the back of the stain with cold water. Then, rub laundry detergent or dishwashing soap into the stain. Repeat until the stain disappears or launder as usual.

Extra Tip: White is a popular color to wear during the summer. Add a bit of lemon juice to your detergent if your clothing item is white.

Use detergent and water to treat red wine stains. 6. Red Wine: Cheers to summer! Too much toasting may spill red wine onto your shirt. First, sprinkle salt over the stain and let it sit for fifteen minutes. Blot detergent and water on the stain. Launder as usual.

7. Sweat: With 90-degree weather in some cities throughout the months of June, July, and August, it’s common for sweat to build up under the armpits of your shirts, despite using deodorant! Soak your shirt in a mixture of vinegar and water for about 20 minutes. Use hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and salt to create a paste and apply it to the sweat stains. Let it sit for another 20 minutes. Finally, wash the clothing item in your washer.

8. Deodorant: And with sweat comes deodorant. If you don’t use a clear deodorant, your deodorant may stain your clothes. If this happens, apply a small amount of laundry detergent to the stain and rinse with water. Then, wash according to the laundry tag.

Let mud dry before treating mud stains.

9. Mud: Summer thunderstorms bring rainbows…and mud. Brush off any dried mud off of the clothing item. Let the remaining mud residue dry. If you wash wet mud stains, you may damage the rest of your clothes. Use a toothbrush to rub detergent and water into the stain to loosen it. Finally, wash in your washer and let air dry. Do not tumble dry! Tumble dry may cause the stain to set if it hasn’t all been removed.

10. Lip Gloss: Are you popping out the pink and coral lip gloss this summer? If you happen to find some on your shirt, scrape away as much as possible. Pre-treat with a stain remover and launder.

Summer just got a lot more fun, and clean! Want your dry cleaning and laundry delivered straight to your door this summer?  Learn more about our free pickup and delivery services

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Spring Laundry and Garment Care Guide

At Mulberrys, we receive a lot of questions about removing stains, repairing clothes, and findings eco-friendly dry cleaning ways to care for your wardrobe. Spring is full of barbecues, outdoor celebrations, and beautiful weather, but it also brings new stains and fabric challenges.

We’ve compiled a laundry and garment care guide to highlight our top ten tips for spring.

1. Cheeseburger stains: Grilling season has arrived, but watch out for those cheeseburgers. The burger, condiments, and toppings make a cheeseburger a combination stain. You need to tackle each food individually. Dab the spot with rubbing alcohol to break down the oils. Pour on some vinegar to break down the plant-based elements. Dab hydrogen peroxide on the spot with a sponge to remove the animal-based elements of the stain. Rub a small amount of detergent on the stain, then wash normally. Consult with your dry cleaner if the fabric is delicate or brightly colored.

2. Cherry juice stains: Yum – fresh cherry pies at the family picnic! Cherry juice stains are plant-based and are best treated with lemon juice or vinegar. Pre-treat with lemon juice or vinegar and let it sit for 5 minutes. Rinse the stain with water to loosen the stain. Rub the stain with detergent and wash as usual. If all else fails, bring your clothing item to your dry cleaner.

3. Chocolate ice cream stains: A nice spring day calls for ice cream! If your chocolate ice cream cone topples over, pretreat the stain with lemon juice or vinegar and wait five minutes. Rinse with water and flush the underside of the stain with a solution of one tablespoon grease-dissolving dishwashing detergent and three cups of warm water. Wash as usual, but do not place it in the dryer if the stain persists. Drying it could set the stain.

4. Bleeding: Out with the neutral colored winter clothes and in with bright, spring colors! Certain colors will bleed when an item is washed, especially red, causing your other clothes to turn pink. Always wash the bright colored item on its own or with an old white sock for the first few times to test it.

5. Grass stains: Grass stains on your spring wardrobe? Is there anything worse than green stains on your favorite pair of paints? For whites and colors, soak the garment in cold water, and detergent and then wash them in the washer until the stain is removed. Do not place in the dryer if the stain persists. Take your item to your dry cleaner!

6. Lemons as a stain remover for white clothes: We all love a crisp white shirt in the springtime. If you find a stain on your white clothing, use a mixture of lemon juice and salt. Squeeze lemon juice directly onto the stain and sprinkle salt on top of it. Gently rub the mixture into the stain and rinse with water. Wash your shirt in the washer if needed.

7. Bonfire and grilling smells: Even the strongest perfume can’t mask the smell of smoke! After a spring bonfire or grill, air out your clothing items outside. The fresh air will help the smoke particles dissipate. You can also try soaking your clothing item in vinegar and water. Bring your smoke scented clothing item to a dry cleaner if the smoke persists.

8. Poison ivy: Spring hiking is relaxing and enjoyable unless you get attacked by poison ivy. If you find poison ivy on your clothing, wash your contaminated clothes in hot water and detergent by themselves. Be sure to wear gloves when handling your clothes! Place your clothes in the dryer. After your clothes dryer, clean the dryer and washer to avoid poison ivy oils from getting on your other clothes.

9. Spring cleaning household items: Spring cleaning time has arrived! Gently wash all your linens, rugs, curtains, and other household items according to their laundry tags. The easiest way to get rid of winter dust bunnies is to bring your household items to your dry cleaner for a refresh.

10. Update last season’s wardrobe with the help of a tailor: A tailor isn’t just there to fix your clothes. They can also redesign your clothes to fit today’s fashion trends, whether it’s redesigning sleeves on a shirt or shortening a long skirt.

Enjoy spring! Spend less time in the laundry room and more time outside with this spring garment care guide. Visit any of our locations in San Francisco or Minneapolis!

Dress Codes Decoded: What to Wear Where?

Dress Codes Decoded: What to Wear Where?

In the hopes of taking some of the guesswork out of getting dressed, we recently conducted a study to see what people think the most acceptable attire is for various social events. From first dates to job interviews, we’ve decoded the dress codes in the results below.


What type of outfit should a woman wear on a first date?


What type of outfit should a man wear on a first date?


Anyone who tells you that they don’t get stressed out before a first date is lying. While we can’t predict the quality of conversation and the number potential awkward silences that will occur on a date, we can give you some clear guidance on what to wear based on our survey results. Men and women agree that when in doubt, you probably can’t go wrong with jeans.


What's the biggest style mistake a woman can make?


What's the biggest style mistake a man can make?

Is your outfit clean for your next big event?

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We also gained some interesting insights into what not to wear on a first date. Men and women weighed in the biggest style mistakes they feel that a man and a woman can make. For women, women think clothes that are too small is the biggest no-no and most men prefer that women not pile on the makeup. For men, men and women agree that stained clothes are the biggest style mistake a man can make (they might need to make a pre-date trip to Mulberrys to avoid this faux pas).


Should you wear colors to a funeral?


It’s a commonly accepted notion that you should wear black to a funeral as black is the color of mourning. This custom dates all the way back to the days of the Roman Empire where funeral attendees work black togas. This custom is changing with the times and more and more people are moving towards more colorful funeral attire, seeing funerals as a celebration of life rather than mourning. Respondents were split here with 50% of men and 54% of women saying colors are acceptable. When in doubt go with a conservative outfit with subdued colors.


Do you wear a suit to a job interview?


With more and more offices shifting towards more relaxed work environments, is it still necessary to wear a suit to a job interview? If you do decide to go with the suit, will a tie make you come across as stuffy? These are the types of questions fogging minds of interviewees during a time that could be spent more productively prepping for the actual interview. In this instance, the majority of both men and women agree that, yes, you should wear a suit to a job interview.


Is cleavage appropriate in a business setting?


Whether it’s at the interview or the first day on the job, don’t worry too much about staying buttoned up as 61% of respondents think cleavage is acceptable in the workplace. Obviously, use your best judgment here depending on the style of company that you work at.


What is the most confusing dress code?


What is the most confusing event to dress for?


To round off the results, we asked respondents which dress code is the most confusing and which event is the most confusing to dress for. Men and women agree that semiformal is the most confusing dress code. For specific events, women get most stumped when dressing for an interview while first date outfits are the biggest question mark for men. Hopefully, some of the insights we’ve provided above will take some of the guesswork for all of those men and women out there before their next first date or interview.

The next time you go to get dressed for an important event we hope this guide can help ease your outfit decisions. Do you agree with the results of our study? Is there a dress code that confuses you that we didn’t mention? Let us know below in the comments!