Author: Annie Pryatel

Spring Laundry and Garment Care Guide

At Mulberrys, we receive a lot of questions about removing stains, repairing clothes, and findings eco-friendly dry cleaning ways to care for your wardrobe. Spring is full of barbecues, outdoor celebrations, and beautiful weather, but it also brings new stains and fabric challenges. We’ve compiled a laundry and garment care guide to highlight our top…Read More

Dress Codes Decoded: What to Wear Where?

Dress Codes Decoded: What to Wear Where? In the hopes of taking some of the guesswork out of getting dressed, we recently conducted a study to see what people think the most acceptable attire is for various social events. From first dates to job interviews, we’ve decoded the dress codes in the results below. Anyone…Read More

How to Store Your Winter Clothes for Spring

With every new season comes the chore of putting away last season’s clothes. Discover a few simple tips to make storing your winter clothing a painless process that will make sure your cold weather wardrobe looks amazing when the next winter season arrives. 5 Tips for Storing Your Winter Clothing 1.) Keep Bad Smells and…Read More

2017 Aspiring Entrepreneur Scholarship Winner [Announced]

Mulberrys Garment Care wants to help aspiring entrepreneurs in pursuing their dreams, which is why we decided to award one industrious student with a $1,000 scholarship to do just that. Students interested in receiving the scholarship were required to outline a business idea they wish to make into a reality, and how they plan to…Read More

Customer Reviews: Learn Why People Love Mulberrys

Thank you for sharing your reviews with us! We read all your berry kind words on a daily basis. They make us smile and help us to continue to provide you with the best customer service. We gathered some of our favorite reviews below. Thanks for all the love. Don’t forget to leave your review…Read More

Are Mustard Stains Worse Than Ketchup Stains?

Food & Wine asked five experts about ketchup vs. mustard stains. Which one is worse? No two condiments are alike and each stain requires a different type of treatment. Dan Miller, Mulberrys CEO, shared his thoughts on the ketchup stains vs. mustard stains debate. “Definitely mustard stains.” “Mustard is what we call a combination stain so…Read More

A Guide to Fall Stain Removal and Caring for Fall Fabrics

Don’t fall behind on treating your clothes this fall. Your leather, suede, and jeans require extra special care. And don’t worry if your pumpkin spice latte ends up on your shirt. It happens to the best of us! We have tips for the most common fall stains, too. Our Fall Laundry Guide has you covered….Read More

The American Laundry Habits Survey

Survey of American Laundry Habits Reveals Shocking Results Sometimes, laundry feels like a never-ending battle. No matter how many loads you do in a day, there’s always more to be done, in addition to folding and putting it away. But how often do people actually wash some of their clothes or their linens? At Mulberrys…Read More

Six Surprising Household Items That can be Used as Stain Removers

Everyday household items act as stain removers and treat your stains on the spot! Milk. Bread. Toothbrushes.  Items in your bathroom and kitchen or stain removers? Perhaps both!  As an eco-friendly, innovative dry cleaner, we enjoy discovering natural and interesting ways to remove stains from your clothing. Here at Mulberrys, we used Caldrea products to…Read More

Use Our Deals and Promo Codes to Save on Your Next Order

Experience the Mulberrys Difference with one of our many deals. You may see many promotions floating around our site, posted on our social media pages, and highlighted in our monthly emails. Don’t miss out on any of our promotions! Sign-in to your account, place your order and enter the promo code under Promotions. For deals…Read More