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Transition Your Closet From Winter to Spring in 8 Steps


Are you ready to transition your closet from winter to spring? As winter winds down, wool pants, cashmere sweaters, leather jackets and other seasonal clothing items will be packed away and removed from your closet.  They’ll sit in boxes and plastic containers for nine months until winter arrives again and you have a seasonal excuse to wear plaid flannel and ugly Christmas sweaters again.

At Mulberrys Dry Cleaning and Laundry, we have many customers bring in their winter items for a toxin-free clean before spring arrives.  Our delivery service makes it even easier for you to do a refresh of all our winter clothes. 

Most people spend a day transitioning their closets from winter to spring, but did you know there are certain steps to take to ensure your clothes are stored away properly?  February is a great month to prepare your closet for the transition. 

Below is a simple checklist to get your ready for a fresh, spring closet!

8 Steps To Transition Your Closet From Winter to Spring:

1. If you haven’t worn it at least two times this season, then pitch it.

Do you know that red velvet jacket from college that sits in the back of your closet each winter?  You keep it there just in case you need a red velvet jacket at some point. Well, it may be time to donate it. When your closet goes through a winter to spring transition, it leaves room for new clothes.

2. Clean all your clothes before packing them away.

Bring your clothes to Mulberrys! It’s important to remove all stains, dirt, and sweat from your clothes before they go into storage.  Stains can become permanent if they sit for too long and moths love to feed on leftover items left on your clothes. Our dry cleaning experts can clean all types of fabrics, and our toxin-free cleaning processes won’t leave your clothes smelling like chemicals.

3. Steam and iron your clothes.

Steaming and ironing your clothes will save you time when winter arrives again.  You won’t need to spend hours steaming and ironing.  Instead, you can take out your neatly folded clothes from storage, and they’ll be ready to go.

4. Choose storage options that fit both your space and your clothes.

If your using bins, make sure to pack the heaviest items on the bottom. Bins are great for items like jeans and t-shirts.  For more delicate items, like cashmere sweaters and blazers, use canvas bags.  Wrap them in tissue paper before placing them in the canvas bags. If you have a larger closet, you can hang your winter clothes towards the back of the closet.  At Mulberrys, we provide all our customers with wooden hangers.  Our wooden hangers will keep your dry-cleaned items in shape as they hang in your closet until next season.

5. Make sure your favorite winter items are easily accessible.

You never know when you’ll want to take a trip to another part of the world in the middle of spring.  The spring weather can also be unpredictable, so make sure you can easily grab a light sweater or jacket.  This will help you avoid having to unpack all your clothes just to find one item.

Use our spring cleaning checklist to prep the rest of your home for warmer weather.

6. Be prepared for rainy days.

Just because you packed away most of your heavy coats and winter boots doesn’t mean you should store raingear out of reach. The winter to spring transition can be a time of unpredictable weather, rain, even light snow depending on where you live. Keep your raincoat, rain boots, and a windbreaker in your closet should you need them on a blustery spring outing.

7. Light and bright.

Transition from winter to spring in style. While bold colors are a summertime staple, the cool spring weather offers the perfect time for light, bright, and neutral clothes—think mint green, beige, light blue, pink, and a variety of greys. Mix in patterns, thin stripes, and floral elements for an extra splash of personality. It also helps to keep a few warm garments handy for those breezy afternoons, such as light sweaters, khaki pants, and even a thin turtleneck. As summer draws closer, you can retire some of these to your closet storage as needed.

8. Spring into summer.

Our last tip for switching your wardrobe from winter to spring clothing items is to prepare for summer. Get ready for the heat ahead of time as you pack up and take out various apparel. You don’t have to pull out all of your tank tops and swimwear first thing in the spring, though it helps to take out a few items—sleeveless dresses, lightweight shorts, short-sleeve button-downs, and all of those breathable summer fabrics like chambray and rayon. Depending on where you live, taking out a bathing suit or two can’t hurt either, should your springs be warm enough for a day at the pool!

Use our spring cleaning checklist to prep the rest of your home for warmer weather.

Mulberrys Dry Cleaner and Laundry provides dry cleaning and laundry services to the Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and San Francisco areas.  Our experts are ready to help you transition from winter to spring.