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An Amazing Dry Cleaning Story for your Weekend!


Dry cleaning isn’t always thought of as the most glamorous business, but we here at Mulberrys like to think that we’re more than just a dry cleaner, we’re founts of dry cleaning knowledge. Not only do we know how to remove the most difficult dry cleaning stains or press the most challenging dry cleaning garments, we also know lots of dry cleaning fun facts and trivia. Today we thought we’d share one of them so you can regale your friends this weekend.

President Jimmy Carter left the nuclear launch codes in his suit pocket and then sent it out to the dry cleaners.

As many of you know, the President can launch a nuclear strike at any time via a portable device that is carried by his staff at all times called “The football”. To use the device, the President needs a code, which he keeps with him on a card known as the biscuit. During the Cold War, President Carter left the biscuit in his suit and sent it out for dry-cleaning. Fortunately, the dry cleaner was on the ball and had the biscuit promptly returned to the President.

We at Mulberrys have found a number of items in people’s dry cleaning, but have yet to find a nuclear launch code. Rest assured, that if we do find a nuclear launch code in your pocket we will return it promptly.

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A very important suit for the dry cleaners
A very important suit for the dry cleaners