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How to Avoid Laundry Mistakes


Laundry can be tricky
Laundry can be tricky

How to Avoid Laundry Mistakes

Few people in the world really like doing laundry, and many people do whatever they can to make it go by as quickly as possible. Even though the loading and the unloading of the washer and the dryer might not take long, people don’t like the sorting, the folding, the hanging, and everything else that comes along with the territory. Unfortunately, this has led quite a few people to make some laundry mistakes. Many of these could have been avoided with a little forethought or by letting Mulberrys do their laundry in Minneapolis.

Separate the Clothes Properly

Sure, you probably think that you already know how to do this. You separate the darks and the whites. While that might be a good start, it’s just the beginning. You should also make sure that you keep the lightly soiled pieces separate from those that are heavily soiled. Separate rough fabrics from delicate fabrics as well.

You should not mix the socks with other clothes either. If you have been trying to figure out the mystery of your missing socks, this could be it. When you wash everything together, there is a chance that one of your socks could get “stuck” in some of the other garments. This could cause it to go missing, at least until the next time you wear that garment.

No Open Zippers

It’s frustrating to pull your clothes out of the wash or dryer to find that you have some snags in your favorite shirt. A zipper might be the culprit here. Zippers that are loose and undone can cause damage to other clothes being washed and dried with them. Zipping items up first can help to avoid this.


Certain colors will bleed when an item is washed the first few times. This happens quite a bit with the color red, and it can cause much of your laundry to turn reddish pink. It’s a good idea to wash the item on its own for the first few times, and then wash it with an old white sock to see if the colors are still bleeding.

It also helps to turn your jeans inside out to protect their color and vibrance make sure they don’t bleed on other items.

Remove Wet Clothing

Do not leave wet clothing in the washing machine. It will create mildew and some rather nasty odors. Put them in the dryer as soon as possible, or hang them outside so they can dry instead.

Dry Cleaning

If you have clothing items that are dry clean only, then you should probably listen to the label. Find a good dry cleaner in Minneapolis, such as Mulberrys, to take care of all of your dry cleaning needs. You will find that having a dry cleaner will make it much easier to keep your clothes in shape. In some cases, you might also want to rely on a professional laundry service.

These are just some of the many different potential pitfalls of washing your clothes. Following a couple of simple rules and using professionals such as Mulberrys can make a big difference in how good your clothes look and how long they last.