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Do Your Clothes Fit? Here are 7 Ways to Tell!


Fashion trends may come and go, but proper fit will last forever. When we ask ourselves if something “fits”, the answer is almost always yes, so long as we can button the buttons and zip the zippers. However, we’ve all seen how the same shirt and slacks, when adjusted for proper fit, can transform any look from sloppy to professional. With today’s abundance of online sizes and knowledgeable tailors, well fitting clothes are a must. Gentlemen, here is a breakdown of how your clothes should fit, and how to fix them if they don’t.


1.  Sleeve Length

* Too long: they begin to cover the hand

* Too short: the entirety of a wrist watch can be seen

* Just right: cuff stops right where the wrist and palm meet.

2. Sleeve Width

* Too big: billowing

* Too small: details of the arm are visible

* Just right: when arm is bent, cuff moves up just an inch

3. Torso

* Too big: billowing, creasing

* Too small: buttons being pulled, restricted movement

* Just right: flush with the body, with just a bit of breathing room

4. Collar

* Too big: flopping over, extra material is evident

* Too small: travels with the neck when turned

* Just right: only 2 fingers can fit in between the shirt and neck

Here is a great example of a well-fitting shirt. The sleeves are the correct length, the torso is flushed, and the collar is just right.
  •  PANTS

5. Waist

* Too big: constantly pulling up pants

* Too small: difficulty or inability to button/zipper

* Just right: fit comfortably without a belt (belt should be worn only for looks)

 6. Thighs/ seat

*Too big: extra fabric is evident, billowing

*Too small: restricted movement, details/body contours are visible

* Just right: no billowing, just enough room for movement

This illustration contrasts the poor and good fits. The left image depicts a baggy seat and thigh, and a not-quite-right waist. The man on the right, however, has his fit down pat!

7. Sports Coats/Jackets:

*Too big: shoulder seam rests past the shoulder, length of jacket exceeds the seat

* Too small: fabric makes an “x” when buttoned, pulling in the shoulders

* Just right: 2nd button from bottom rests just above belly button

This gentleman's jacket fits in all the right ways, yielding a very polished look.
This gentleman’s jacket fits in all the right ways, yielding a very polished look.


So, there you have it: the in’s and out’s of men’s fit. Mulberrys is honored to help you achieve that look, whether it be at our on-site tailoring locations (Minneapolis, St. Louis Park, Edina, and measurements at Grand), or just a routine cleaning and pressing!

Thanks for reading!

Team Mulberrys