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The Difference Between Wet Cleaning and Dry Cleaning


Wet cleaning? Dry cleaning? Do you know the difference? Why do you need one or the other? Understanding this information can be helpful when it comes time to determine which process you should use when washing clothes, particularly for sensitive fabrics or materials.

To learn the differences between wet cleaning and dry cleaning, you should first understand the definition of “dry cleaning” as a technique.

What is Dry Cleaning?

In its simplest definition, the process known as “dry cleaning” can be described as washing or cleaning clothing and laundry items in anything other than water. Dry cleaning still involves liquids or non-water solvents that are “wet.” Learn more about the dry cleaning process.

Here at Mulberrys, we Here at Mulberrys, we offer both dry cleaning and wet cleaning services in Minneapolis and San Francisco.

Here at Mulberrys, we offer both dry cleaning and wet cleaning services.

What is Wet Cleaning?

The process of professional wet cleaning uses water-based solvents that are typically non-toxic and generally don’t include chemicals. While wet cleaning often takes takes more skill and equipment to wash clothes versus traditional dry cleaning, many clothes that can safely be “dry” cleaned can also be wet cleaned by a professional cleaner.

Difference Between Wet Cleaning vs Dry Cleaning

The most important difference between wet cleaning and dry cleaning when it comes to professional cleaners is the use of non-water solvents in “dry” cleaning and the use of chemical-free water-based cleaning agents or solvents in “wet cleaning.”

At Mulberrys, we offer toxin-free dry cleaning and wet cleaning, so you can enjoy peace of mind that clothes are being cleaned in a safe and eco-friendly manner!

Can Wet Cleaning Shrink Your Clothes? 

If done correctly by professional cleaners, wet cleaning shouldn’t shrink your clothing. To avoid shrinking your clothes, Mulberrys and other professional wet cleaners use state-of-the-art professional technology to determine the precise balance of water and heat needed to clean difficult stains from your clothes while maintaining the same perfect fit and bright color that you expect.

If you’re not sure if you should use wet cleaning or dry cleaning, don’t worry. A Mulberrys store associate can make a recommendation!  You can be sure that your clothes are safe with us.