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How To Take Care of Clothing So It Will Last For Years


A good saying to remember is “take care of your clothing and it will take care of you.” In other words, make sure you follow proper care and cleaning techniques for your clothes in order for them to make you look and feel your best every day, whether you’re in the office or working from home.

Your clothes go through a lot, and if you aren’t taking proper care of them, there is a good chance they will not last. You don’t necessarily want to keep replacing items in your wardrobe, so it’s important that you consider a series of simple tips for keeping your clothes in great shape. From rotating the items in the closet to finding a great dry cleaner, there are plenty of things you can do to make sure your favorite pieces of clothing last for years. Here are five tips from our dry cleaning experts on the best ways to take care of clothing for men or women.

Be Smart When Buying New Clothes

When you are buying your clothing, price isn’t everything. Just because you spend $80 on a t-shirt doesn’t mean it will last longer than a $10 shirt will last. You have to think about how and where you will be wearing the shirt, and choose a fabric and design that offer high quality. For example, you want to make sure that the stitching is good and that it won’t fall apart after a couple of washes.

When you are buying in person, it is generally easier to see the quality of the clothing than when you are buying online. Those who are buying over the web should make it a point to check out several reviews first. No matter the price, make sure it is worth it.

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Cycle Your Clothing to Prevent Excessive Wear

Sure, you probably have a few favorite items in your closet. You like to wear these quite often. However, you don’t want to wear them too often. Cycle through the clothing that you have. Don’t simply wear the same items all of the time. This would mean you’d need to wash those items more often, which causes wear and tear.

Pay Attention to Clothing Labels for Washing and Cleaning

When it comes to washing and cleaning your clothes, pay attention to the label for any special instructions or directions. They aren’t just there for show. Clothing labels provide you with important instructions when it comes to caring for and cleaning the item. If a clothing label says to dry clean only, then be sure to take it to a professional dry cleaner or take advantage of pickup and delivery from your local dry cleaners. If a clothing label says to wash only in warm water, then you should only wash the item in warm water.

Wash the clothing regularly, but make sure that you aren’t washing certain pieces too often if they aren’t really dirty. Use quality detergent that is gentle on the clothes, and that will be gentle on your skin as well. Also, be sure to sort the clothes properly before you wash them.

Consider Dry Cleaning

While you don’t have to dry clean all of your clothing, you might want to consider dry cleaning at least some of your more fragile or important items. At Mulberrys dry cleaners in Minneapolis and San Francisco, our professional experts can help you keep your clothes looking sharp for a long time to come.

Be Mindful When Storing or Folding Your Clothes

Finally, you need to make sure that you are folding and storing your clothing properly. Failure to do so could threaten the integrity of the clothing and cause it to wear out sooner than you would like.

When you utilize these tips, you will find that it is much easier to make your clothes last a long time.