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5 Dry Cleaning Delivery Myths Debunked


Have you ever decided against using a dry cleaning delivery service because you were worried about clothes going missing, excessive fees, or other potential headaches? You might be surprised to learn that many of these problems aren’t actually experienced by the majority of people that use a dry cleaning delivery service. Read on as we debunk five of these common dry cleaning delivery myths!

Myth #1 – My Clothes Will Get Displaced

Mulberrys uses a barcode system and scans your order at every step of our process, ensuring your laundry never gets lost. This system also makes it possible for you to track the progress of your order anytime via our website or mobile app.

Myth #2 – Delivery Laundry Service Is a Luxury That I Can’t Afford

Mulberrys offers free home pickup and delivery, and there are other ways to save, too. For example, you can get 50% off your first order just by downloading the official Mulberrys app and entering the promo code APP50. Get a free quote today and see if our dry cleaning delivery service fits into your budget!

Myth #3 – I Don’t Dry-Clean Enough to Warrant Delivery Service

Mulberrys offers on-demand service, so whenever you need a pickup, whether it’s once a week or once a year, you can schedule it with the touch of a button and we’ll take care of everything.

Myth #4 – I Don’t Want to Trouble a Delivery Service, and All of That Driving Is Bad for the Environment

Mulberrys can work your pickup into an existing route through the Minneapolis or San Francisco metro area, and we purchase carbon credits to offset any environmental damage, so you can rest easy knowing you’ve kept it green.

Myth #5 – I Don’t Want to Deal with a Complicated Setup Process

With no initial fees, getting started is as easy as can be. Just schedule a pickup online, on the mobile app, or over the phone, place your bag of clothes outside of your front door or at your building’s front desk, and a Mullberrys delivery expert will come by to pick up your order, even if you aren’t home!

Final Thoughts on Dry Cleaning Delivery Services

You can save time and energy by letting someone else worry about the laundry for you, and you’ll also enjoy some peace of mind knowing that your order is always accounted for. For dry cleaning delivery service in the Minneapolis or San Francisco area, there’s simply no better option than Mulberrys.