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Staying Trendy with Fashion’s Hottest Fabrics

It’s hard to run a dry cleaning business without being aware of the latest fashion trends. Designer clothing is often a major investment, so many people in the Minneapolis areas come to us at Mulberrys to keep their investments looking great. One of the things that we’ve noticed is that the latest fashions rely on some pretty delicate fabrics that may require careful dry cleaning and storing later in the season. Here are a few of the latest trends in fabrics that are hitting the runways and the stores, and how we can help you protect your high fashion items:

1. Suede is still in.

The spring and summer lines for 2016 showed just as much suede as the previous autumn and winter lines. Everyone from Hermes to Chanel showed cut-out suede overcoats, miniskirts, and belts. Suede can be a difficult fabric to keep clean, depending upon how it is used and even how its manufactured. Scuffs on suede shoes, for example, can be hard to get out.

There are many how-to’s on cleaning suede that can be found online, but one thing that you should keep in mind: cleaning suede incorrectly can lead to irreversible damage. If you aren’t absolutely sure that you can clean the fabric without harming it, it’s best to call our professional dry cleaning services. We’ll make sure that your designer suede pieces are kept in great condition.

2. Leather is never going out of style.

Leather has held its place for quite a few seasons now, and this spring/summer 2016 is no exception. This year, however, instead of slinky and sexy, leather is taking a relaxed look. Hedi Slimane, Anthony Vaccarello, and Louis Vuitton all took leather back to oversized overcoats and logo-ridden punkish pieces. Often, leather is one of the most expensive fabrics that we own, and being made of the same original material as suede, you can imagine that it would be just as difficult and costly to clean on your own.

Dry cleaning leather is something that no one who invests in this luxurious fabric can overlook. Here at Mulberrys, our dry cleaning services at St. Louis Park, Eagan, Edina, St. Paul, or Minneapolis can keep all your designer leather in perfect condition.

3. Crochet is the texture to be seen in.

Crochet is a method of creating garments and accessories out of yarn, and the material of the yarn can vary from easy-wash acrylic, to extremely delicate alpaca or cashmere. Even sturdy wool needs extra attention when it’s cleaned, because wool can felt very easily. Crochet was especially noticed in the Dolce & Gabbana line, whose 70s-inspred dresses and pants suits kept it modern with peekaboo lace and contemporary color palettes.

Some people may think that the idea of dry cleaning crochet pieces is counterintuitive; after all, they reason, wool felts because of high heat. That’s actually only one part of the felting process. The other part includes friction, which is exactly what most people apply when they hand-wash or machine wash their crochet pieces. With a professional dry cleaner, your designer crochet lace will stay open and beautiful, while staying clean and bright.

There are many other types of popular fabrics that should be dry cleaned, including lace and mesh, but despite the 80s, 90s, and romantic Victorian looks that are all over the runways, it’s the 70s that seem to be getting the most attention right now. When the suede, leather, and crochet start hitting your closet, you can call Mulberrys to help keep your designer investments in great shape all year long.