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Five Awesome Things You Can Do with a Mulberrys Dry Cleaners Online Account


1) Stalk your dry cleaning

With the “my account” feature of, you have a virtual dry cleaners at your fingertips. Just login and click on the order status button and you’ll see your active orders. If you want to see where an order is at in the process just click on the order number and it will tell you if it has been marked in, dry cleaned or completed. Think of it as the Domino’s pizza tracker, but for dry cleaning.

2) Jog your Dry Cleaning Memory

Sometimes even Mr. Mulberry forgets what clothes he dropped of at the dry cleaner. If you’re looking for that one pink shirt, you can click on our “garment search” link and just enter the type of garment and color and it will show you all of the pink shirts you’ve brought into us and when they were cleaned.

3) Schedule or Cancel Pick-up of Your Dry Cleaning

If you’re a store customer, but are feeling a little lazy and would like to have your dry cleaner come to you than you can just click on the “schedule pickup” link and Mulberrys will come pick up your dry cleaning. Or, if you’re a route customer and you don’t have anything for us you can cancel your pickup.

4) Sign-up for Autopay

Checks are so 20th century. Step into the future with Mulberrys dry cleaning autopay. To signup for autopay, simply click on the customer information link in “my account” and enter your credit card information. On your next dry cleaning delivery, your card will be automatically charged. No more checks or paper waste from old-fashioned bills from the dry cleaner.

5) Check your Dry Cleaning Statement

Mulberrys prides itself as being completely transparent with our pricing unlike more old-fashioned dry cleaners. If you’re ever curious about a charge for your dry cleaning, you can click on the “view statement” link and see what’s up.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what an online account at our dry cleaners can do. To learn more, go to or you can visit us at one of our stores in Minneapolis, St. Paul, St. Louis Park, Edina, Minnetonka (in Byerly’s) or Eagan (in Byerly’s).