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Five Ways Mulberrys Stays Green



Like so many of you, Mulberrys Garment Care welcomes each April 22nd as a wonderful chance to celebrate the worldwide effort to green our cities and reduce environmental pollution. We also thought Earth Day would be an awesome opportunity to tell you five ways you can stay green with Mulberrys all year long!

1. CO2 dry cleaning. Mulberrys is the only dry cleaner in the state of Minnesota to use a 100% toxin-free liquid CO2 based dry cleaning process.

2. Recycled wood hangers. Not just beautiful to look at and have in your closet, our genuine wood hangers have been carefully crafted from repurposed and recycled wood. We think you’ll love the way they look just as much as you’ll love how they were made.

3. Sustainable detergents. Mulberrys only uses the finest environmentally friendly dry cleaning and laundry solutions available in the marketplace.

4. Biodegradable garment bags. Toxin-free cleaning is just the beginning of how we care for your clothes. All of your garments are finished and packaged in a beautiful biodegradable bag prior to their delivery to your residence, office, or local Mulberrys store.

5. The Mulberrys Promise. We are sustainably committed to our natural environment each and every day and are humbly proud to have earned the title of Best Dry Cleaner in the State of Minnesota.

We hope to serve you – and your future generations – in the days and years to come. Happy Earth Day!