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Free Home Delivery…Let Mulberrys Come to You!


Occasionally friends will ask me which one of the Mulberrys stores I use. My answer usually shocks them.

“None of them” I say.

I wait for the shocked look on their face and then I explain to them that I don’t go to the stores. I have the dry cleaning picked up and delivered to my home. As I like to say “why go to your dry cleaner when your dry cleaner can come to you?”

Interestingly enough, people are often wary of dry cleaning delivery. How does it work? How much more does it cost? Where do I put my clothes?

With that in mind, I thought it would be helpful to take a few moments to answer a few frequently asked questions about our delivery service:

1) Is there a delivery fee?

Nope. Our delivery service is free. Not only that, you will receive a free Mulberrys express bag in which to place your clothes.

2) Where do I put my clothes out?

Typically, people just leave their bags outside their front door or if they live in an apartment, at the front office. But, if you would like to have us pick up at an alternative location just let us know by emailing

3) Do I need to be home to receive my clothes?

No. We have special hanging hooks that can fit on any door or screen door. We will deliver them to you along with your express bag.  Just place the hook on your screen door and we will hang your clothes from the door.

4) Won’t people take my clothes?

We’ve never heard of people stealing another person’s dry cleaning. The odds of finding clothes that would fit you aren’t very good.

5) What if I want to let you know about a stain or rip?

We have a special instructions form that is available on our website at Just print it out, fill it out and we’re on it!

6) What if I need pickup on a day other than my scheduled day?

You can schedule a pickup at Login into your account and click on “schedule pickup.” You can also cancel pickups if you don’t have anything to be picked up.

Those are the most frequent questions I see about our home delivery service, but stay tuned. I’ll be back this week to answer a few more.


Mr. Mulberry