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Why You Should Dry Clean Winter Clothes and Bedding at the End of the Season


Even when it seems like the winter season is about to end, you know a final blast of cold weather is lurking around the corner in that transition period between the frigid winter and a warmer spring. This means you should keep your winter clothes or winter bedding out for just a little bit longer. But what do you need to do in order to clean and prepare your winer garments once it’s finally time to put them away for the season?

Mulberrys offers dry cleaning for your winter items such as winter coats, linens, and more. It is very important to have your winter coat or other insulated item professionally cleaned before it is put away for the spring and summer time. There are a few reasons to have this done before the items are packed away.

3 Reasons to Have Winter Clothes or Bedding Professionally Cleaned Before Putting Them Away

1. The items will be sanitized for next season

Your winter coat has surely been through a few colds, some sweaty snow shoveling, and brushing up against numerous shoppers during the recent holiday season. All of the germs that came with this process will still be waiting in your coat next year if it is not cleaned. Getting your winter garment professionally cleaned is a great way to protect your health net year.

2. It will increase the usable life of your items

Your coat could need some repairs or cleaning done in order to keep it looking its best and serving you as effectively as possible. If you get your coat or item professionally cleaned and repaired if needed, it will last you much longer.

3. It takes an item off the list for next year

Getting your winter items cleaned during spring cleaning is much easier than having to scramble next year at the first snowfall. Be proactive in your garment services and have everything ready to be packed away clean and fresh for the next season.

Mulberrys has many different garment cleaning services. Check out our pricing page to see all of the dry cleaning services that we offer. Good luck and thanks for reading!