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How to Clean and Preserve a Wedding Dress


How To Clean and Preserve Your Wedding Dress, From The Experts

The big day has finally arrived. You walked down the aisle, married your best friend and are off to start the next chapter of your life. Cleaning your wedding dress is probably the last thing on your mind in this time of bliss, but it is a task that you shouldn’t push aside. To help brides through the cleaning and preservation process, we created a guide to show them exactly how to treat their special dresses – both before and after the wedding.

Wedding dresses go through a lot in one day between dancing, drinking and wedding cake. To stay in pristine condition, a dress needs to be cleaned and preserved by a professional ASAP. Otherwise, the fibers in the gown will break down over time and yellow due to exposure to the air.

Your wedding dress is an important memory from your special day, so make sure you take your dress to a dry cleaner that specializes in wedding dresses. Dress cleaning can take time depending on how elaborate the dress is and how much work is needed to restore it to its original condition. Expect the process to take at least two weeks.

Even if your wedding dress has been sitting in your closet for years, it is never too late to get this special memento cleaned. Cleaning your dress properly ensures that your dress can be worn and enjoyed for generations to come.

Guide to cleaning a wedding dress

The process behind cleaning and preserving a wedding dress