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Picture this: You have a beloved piece of clothing that you wish to have cleaned on the spot. (Yes, pun intended, folks..) You aren’t near one of our 5 metro locations, and you don’t have time to either drop it off or wait until the next regularly-scheduled route day. What can you do?!

In times like these, in our ever-busy world of activity, Mulberrys has the perfect solution waiting for you:


WE PICK UP YOUR GARMENTS WITHIN ONE HOUR, CLEAN THEM, AND RETURN THEM TO YOU THE VERY NEXT DAY. (Insert scene of you falling off your chair in sweet delight reading this..)

Our state-of-the-art mobile app, available both on iPhone and Android devices, offers you on-demand garment care service at the touch of a button. Not only can you schedule a pickup, but your fingertips will also be able to track the status of your order, find the nearest Mulberrys store to you, check pricing guides, and your general account details. You can even click a button to directly connect with Mulberrys Concierge! Ahhhh, garment care bliss.

To learn about, and start using, our app, simply download it in your App Store today and give it a lil’ test drive. We think you’ll like the way it handles all of your on-demand Mulberrys needs.

Thinking of you,
Team Mulberrys

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