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The Complete Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

July 21, 2022 by Jamie Forbes

Updated on July 25th, 2022

A messy bedroom can add to everyday stress and anxiety and interfere with your quality of sleep. Your bedroom should be a refuge at the end of a long day, a clean space to relax without stirring up a mess. Unfortunately, bedrooms filled with dirt and grime can make it impossible to lounge in peace, especially if you live in a small space like an apartment in Austin, TX. Cleaning can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

Learn how to clean with confidence and create the peaceful bedroom you deserve with this bedroom cleaning checklist.


Before cleaning, declutter your bedroom

When cleaning a bedroom, declutter surface areas first, putting away all your clean clothes. Next, dust the furniture, including lamp shades. Don’t forget the ceiling fans and light fixtures. Most importantly, make your bed every morning to give your room an instant clean impression. When cleaning the floors, don’t forget behind and underneath the nightstands and other bedroom furniture where dust loves to collect. – T&T Maids of Cleaning

Clean the bedroom from top to bottom

First, put away any clutter from the floor and dressers. Then, clean from top to bottom. Dust the ceiling fan blades, blinds, drapes, lampshades, bedposts, dressers, and nightstands. Finally, vacuum everything up and mop whatever flooring you can. To finish, remake your bed and enjoy a clean room. – Cosmopolitan Cleaning Service

Many homes have pets as part of the family. Unfortunately, these furry friends often leave stains and marks, which can cause a foul odor. The best way to remove the pet stains and odor is by using a professional-grade pet-stain remover that dissolves the smell without leaving high levels of residue behind. After application, blot the area with a wet rag and vacuum it thoroughly. – Dr. Carpet

Don’t forget the ceiling fan

People most often overlook their ceiling fans. This may be because people consistently leave their fans on and don’t realize the dust that builds up. Before cleaning a room, shut off the ceiling fan so you can clean the fan blades from top to bottom. If you can, use extendable poles and microfiber dusters with step ladders for extra-thorough cleaning. A clean ceiling fan really is the mark of a clean bedroom. – Greenville House Cleaning


How to get rid of dust in the bedroom

When dusting your bedroom, start from the top and work your way down. This way, you are bringing all the dust down to one level and not giving yourself extra work. You can begin by wiping down the ceiling fan and dusting the dresser, nightstand, and other furniture. Finish by vacuuming or sweeping the floor, being sure to clean under the bed. – Cleanzen

Dusting is a good place to start on your bedroom cleaning checklist because it allows you to pick things up off the floor, fluff pillows and cushions, fold throw blankets, and perform basic tidying. Start by looking up towards the moldings, tops of picture frames, and light fixtures, and work your way down. Use microfiber wall dusters for crown molding, baseboards, and under beds. – Deep Clean

Look for mold while dusting

Regularly dust your baseboards, ceiling corners, and door and window frames. You can also use Windex as a multi-surface cleaning if you’re running low on others. If you come across mold while dusting, spray it with peroxide – if there’s mold, it will bubble. – Blu Cleaning

Go from dusting to vacuuming

Once you finish dusting, be sure to vacuum the floors. Vacuum under your bed and furniture whenever possible. Finally, mop the floors. Wring out the mop head first, so it’s damp but not wet. If the mop is too wet, you can damage hardwood and laminate floors. When mopping wood floors, clean in the same direction as the grain, starting from the opposite end of the room and working your way out. – House Cleaning University


Vacuum to prevent dust mites

Vacuuming your bedroom carpet or floor, particularly under the headboard area of the bed, is important to control dust mites. Most of the dust in a bedroom is shed skin, which is a food source for them. Consider having the carpet professionally cleaned with hot water extraction at least every other year, even if the carpet looks clean. – D.A. Burns

Try the 3-bin system

Clean your bedroom quickly with the 3-bin system. This system uses three bins: one for trash, one for items to be donated, and one for things to be put away. Start by going through your closet and other storage areas in your bedroom. Put anything you don’t need or use into the donate bin. Next, declutter surfaces like dressers, nightstands, and desks. Put anything that doesn’t belong in the room into the bin to be put away. Lastly, dispose of any trash that has accumulated in the room into your trash bin. Empty them and enjoy a clean room. – Express Home Maids

Wash your sheets once a week

Washing your sheets is an essential part of your bedroom cleaning checklist. The average person should wash their bed sheets at least once a week. However, this depends on your lifestyle and if you have pets. When it’s time to clean your sheets, don’t overload your washing machine – it needs a lot of room, and stuffing too many items in one cycle can prevent anything from getting clean. Pre-treat stains and consider using chlorine-free or color-safe bleach. Don’t over-wash; just be mindful of the circumstances and the importance of cleanliness. – Mulberrys Garment Care

Your walls and mattresses are especially important

Don’t overlook your walls or mattresses. They can both hold an incredible amount of nearly invisible dust and bugs. To help turn things around, grab a bottle of distilled white vinegar vinegar from your kitchen and combine it with rubbing alcohol and essential oil. Spray this mixture onto the mattress or walls and wipe it clean for a dust- and bug-free environment. – Delta Pro Clean

Clean surfaces with appropriate cleaners

We choose the perfect cleaning solution based on the surface material. The best cleaning solution for mirrors and light fixtures is Windex to polish the surface and leave it spotless. To clean the top of nightstands or dressers, we use an all-purpose cleaner with a lemon scent to leave a fresh smell after cleaning. – Cleanduo

Clean down material with caution and care

When cleaning down material, avoid harsh chemicals and high heat. Instead, wash your comforter with a mild cleaning solution that preserves the integrity of delicate down clusters. Dry your comforter should at low heat for an extended period (depending on size, thickness, and construction). Down comforters that are not dried properly can produce a strong unpleasant odor. Cozy Down in Los Angeles offers these laundering and refurbishing services and more. – Cozy Down

Don’t forget about the baseboards

Nobody wants dirty, dusty baseboards in their bedroom, but people often overlook them when cleaning. While cleaning carpets and floors is easy, the baseboards can collect just as much dust, dirt, and grime as the floors themselves. If your baseboards are white, they tend to stand out even more. Go over them with a vacuum brush attachment or a stiff broom to remove the first layer of dust. Then, wipe them clean with a solution of warm water and vinegar. – Clean Nation Company


Get into good cleaning habits

A clean bedroom starts with clean habits. Get into the routine of putting clothes back in your closet or directly into the laundry basket, not on that dedicated chair. While making your morning coffee or tea, fluff your pillows and straighten the duvet. You’ll have more motivation to tackle the little tasks, and you’ll get to enjoy a cleaner space every day. – CleanThat

Take extra time if you have pets

If you want to make your bedroom feel clean and fresh, add these to your bedroom cleaning checklist:

  1. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and debris. You can also use a duster to dust off surfaces and corners.
  2. If you have pets, ensure they don’t leave any messes in your bedroom. If you notice stains on the floor or walls, wipe them with a damp cloth.
  3. Use a mild soap and warm water to clean the area.

– MaidServe

Remember, clean doesn’t mean germ-free

When cleaning your bedroom, clean doesn’t necessarily mean germ-free. Some spots where germs can quickly spread include doorknobs, cabinet handles, switchplates, phones, ensuite bathroom sinks, bath/shower faucets, and toilet handles. You can make a natural and effective disinfectant solution by mixing two parts hydrogen peroxide with one part water. Use a clean microfiber cloth and dampen it with your disinfectant solution. Use this to clean all of the high-touch surfaces. For the rest, spray the disinfectant mix onto the surface and let it sit for at least 8 minutes before you wipe it down. – Cleanstart

Thoroughly clean the master bathroom shower door

A clean shower door provides an extra perception of cleanliness that a bathroom otherwise wouldn’t have. This is especially important when you have guests, so add it to your bedroom cleaning checklist. For the best shower door cleaner, mix a teaspoon of dish soap, a bottle of concentrated multi-surface cleaner, and two cups of white vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray this on the shower door and use a soft brush to scrub the door in a circling motion. Rinse it off when you’re done for a sparkling clean door. This product is great for removing grime and water stains, as well as a daily spray to prevent the formation of new build-ups. – Duster & Daisy Green Cleaning Service

When redecorating, avoid upholstered headboards

If you’re redecorating your bedroom, you may want to avoid upholstered headboards, especially if you or your loved ones have allergies. They’re hard to clean and collect a large amount of dust. Although dust buildup isn’t as obvious on upholstered headboards as it is on metal and wood ones, it’s still there – it’s important to vacuum them on a weekly basis. – Eco Mama Green Cleaners