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Mulberrys Has Your Last Minute V-Day Gift Ideas



Good evening, Mulberrians! With Valentine’s Day approaching so quickly, we wanted to take a second to give you a few simple last-minute gift ideas to really wow your sweetie… Whether you’re looking for something romantic or just sweet for a family member, we’ve got you covered.


Here’s your top-five last minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas!


1)  A Mulberrys gift card!

Do you know someone who loves their wardrobe almost as much as they love you?? As always, we’re here to help. Give a loved one the gift of clean by purchasing them a Mulberrys gift card, available in any amount. The sky is the limit!


2) Chocolate… Duh!

This one is a no-brainer… Giving someone chocolate or candy is a Valentine’s Day standby, but you can up your game by getting them something really fancy or unexpected (think a batch of delicate macarons, or chocolate-covered chili peppers for the loved one who likes a little spice). Try hitting up a specialty candy shop, or bakery! (Psst, for ideas, try starting here). And if the person you love doesn’t have a sweet tooth, you may even consider getting them something else food or beverage related that they would love, like a particular coffee blend, or a nice bottle of wine.


3) Flowers

There’s a reason why flowers are a standard staple in any Valentine’s Day celebration. Giving someone flowers isn’t cheesy, it’s traditional (in the best way). Flowers don’t have to cost a lot of money; try picking them a bunch of flowers yourself! Nothing says you care like giving someone something you picked with your own two hands. Or, if you live in an area that’s a little too chilly to pick flowers (or getting your hands dirty isn’t your thing), try visiting a florist or nursery for something different. There are lots of places around that do fabulous work. One florist that we particularly like can be found here. Or for a local nursery that does incredibly beautiful large potted arrangements, check this out.


4) An Evening Out

Not all gifts are physical objects! If you’re running out of ideas of what to buy someone, try planning an evening out, a day trip, or a vacation (depending on how well you know the person). Sometimes spending time together and creating memories is far more worthwhile and appreciated than any physical gift.

Try planning a nice dinner, a trip to the zoo, a picnic, an overnight trip to a (not-so) far away city, or even a big family vacation! You can go bowling, see a movie, go ice skating, build a snowman, hit the beach… No matter what the climate is like in the place where you live, there’s lots of things you can do, if you just get a little creative. Whatever you do, just go out and spend time with the person you care about.


5) Something Homemade

This is a crossover category… Remember when we mentioned food? Well an added bonus to giving your sweetie something edible is being able to say that you made it yourself! Try baking some cookies, making cake pops, cooking a homemade meal…

Or if you’re not the greatest cook or bake in the world (like us), then try making a homemade gift instead. Decorate a photo frame and frame a picture of the two of you together; make a collage full of words that reminds you of the person; fill a scrapbook with memories that you’ve shared; paint a ceramic mug with a funny message; paint a silly picture; write a love note! The possibilities are endless.


Do you have a favorite Valentine’s Day memory or gift?? We would love to hear about your favorite Valentine’s Day present or memory on our Facebook page. Tell us your favorite gift or memory and we’ll gift you a Valentine- a $5 Berrycard added to your account! We can’t wait to hear from you.



Your Mulberrys Valentine ;)