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How To Organize a Laundry Room


So often laundry rooms become a land-fill for dirty clothes and a catch-all for every random household item under the sun. With laundry rooms, we’re also frequently dealing with limited space. Therefore, we’re offering five ways to organize your laundry room that are affordable, space-saving, and easy to implement. 

Simple Laundry Room Organization Tips

  • A Dedicated Hamper Wall
    One hamper in a laundry room usually isn’t enough to cut it, especially with kids, but 2-3 along a dedicated wall prevents overflow of dirty clothes dispersed around the room.
  • Install Hanging Bars
    Hanging bars for drying clothes installed above the washer/dryer or on an unused laundry room wall helps to maximize the space, whereas drying racks can often take up much-needed floor space.
  • Bins, Baskets, & Containers
    Store laundry detergent, cleaners, and other supplies in bins or containers as needed. Neatly line your bins up along exposed laundry room shelving to create a visually appealing & de-cluttered space — extra points if you add labels to each. 
  • Over-the-Door Organizer
    Take advantage of your laundry room door as an additional organization space for storage, an ironing board, or even an over-the-door drying rack.
  • Add Personality to the Space
    No one said your laundry room has to be boring or sterile. Add artwork, a plant, or a family photo to give the room you spend a good chunk of time in a personal touch. 

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