Rainy Day Fashion You Need NOW!


Finding an outfit suitable for such a rainy day can be a challenge. Whether you’re ready to go out puddle jumping, or simply trying to stay dry during your commute, here are three rainy day fashion items you need NOW!

1) Rain boots!

Galoshes don’t have to be big and clunky like the ones your mom made you wear in kindergarten… Brands like Hunter, Tory Burch, Michael Kors, and even kate spade new york have chic, updated versions of the classic wellies you love.

Hunter rainboots splashing in puddle
Click on the image to shop for chic rain boots!

2) The Perfect Raincoat/ Trench Coat

A raincoat or trench coat is one of the most sophisticated pieces of outerwear that you can add to your wardrobe (this goes for both men and women!).  Not only does a raincoat or trench coat do the double duty of keeping you dry while you’re busy being a sidewalk supermodel, but it is also good to wear during both the fall AND spring months.  When you get so much versatility out of your imperméable, it’s easy to justify investing in a high quality piece ;).  Not to mention, a rain coat or trench can provide a unique touch of personality to your wardrobe, if you select one with interesting color, pattern, or hardware.

Burberry raincoat for men

3) A Bold Umbrella (Ella, Ella, Eh Eh Eh)

Even without a great pair of rain boots or a super chic rain/trench coat, you can totally pull off that carefree pulled-together rainy day look if you carry a stylish umbrella! Whatever color, pattern, or material you choose, make sure it’s a functional one!

Girl with red umbrella in the rain
The bold red color makes this umbrella pop!

Stay dry out there today, Twin Cities!

(Or don’t… Enjoy puddle jumping while it’s still rain on the ground, instead of snow!!)

Happy Thursday,

Team Mulberrys :)