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How to Remove Common Red Stains From Clothes


We’ve all had to deal with the frustration of red stains on clothing (especially if you’re wearing white!). Red stains – from red dye to your favorite glass of wine – can be among the most difficult types of stains to completely remove from any type of fabric. Red stains can be particularly problematic since you also need to consider how to remove the stain without damaging the garment or rendering it unwearable.

Luckily, the laundry experts at Mulberrys Garment Care in Minneapolis and San Francisco are here with helpful tips on the best way to remove various types of red stains from your favorite pieces of clothing. Of course, we recommend bringing your clothing to Mulberrys for professional dry cleaning for the most stubborn stains or if your clothes are fragile or require special care. But there are also some simple remedies to get red stains out of your clothing at home!

How to Remove a Red Wine Stain

Blot the piece of clothing lightly with a damp cloth. Do not rub! Rubbing will only set the stain and make it more difficult to remove. Sprinkle some table salt on the stain. Continue this process until most of the stain is removed. Then, wash your clothing item in the washing machine according to its laundry or care tag.

How to Remove Red Pasta Sauce Stains

A romantic Italian dinner is a great way to celebrate, but it can also get messy. Tomato-based stains contain oil, so dish soap helps remove them from clothing or other fabric items. Apply a small amount of eco-friendly dish soap on the stain and rub it with your fingers. Rinse in cold water. Repeat until the stain disappears, then wash the garment as usual. Heat can set the stain, so be sure the stain vanishes as much as possible before sticking it in the dryer!

How to Remove Red Dye Stains

Rewash the stained clothes in a non-chlorine bleach along with your regular laundry detergent. Soak your dye-stained laundry in the non-chlorine bleach and laundry detergent mixture for up to 8 hours, then wash again. Repeat as necessary until the red stain is no longer visible. Be sure to treat the stain as soon as possible, as red stains will be much more difficult to remove later on.

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If you prefer to take a professional approach to red stain removal from your favorite clothing items, take advantage of our laundry pickup and delivery service with toxin-free and environmentally-friendly cleaning techniques!