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Seasonal Cleaning Checklist


Spring is right around the corner, and every time this season rolls around, many homeowners are compelled to deep clean their homes. Spring cleaning is an age-old tradition of breathing new life into a home after winter while also getting it ready for the warmer months ahead.  Spring cleaning is also important to reduce germs in your home, prevent problems associated with mold or mildew, and generally eliminate allergens like dust. But, if this is your first time deep-cleaning your home, it may be hard to know where to start. 

Don’t worry – with a few spring cleaning tips, you’ll be able to transform your home from dusty to dazzling. To help you get started, we’ve put together a deep cleaning checklist by room that is filled with tips and tricks to leave your home sparkling clean.

Deep Cleaning Checklist By Room

Spring Cleaning Kitchen Checklist

The kitchen is the most high-trafficked, dirtiest, room of a house. Spend some extra time and elbow grease in this room as you go through the following steps.

  • Clean Stove
  • Clean Oven
  • Clean Refrigerator
  • Organize Refrigerator
  • Clean Dishwasher
  • Clean Microwave
  • Organize Pantry
  • Discard Expired Food
  • Dust High Surfaces (like Top of Refrigerator, Cabinets, etc.)
  • Wash Dish Towels
  • Clean Walls and Baseboards
  • Mop Floors

Living Room Cleaning Checklist

A living room is also among the rooms that receive the most foot traffic and where a family spends a lot of time together, so this room will need some extra attention as you’re going through annual spring cleaning.

  • Dust All Surfaces
  • Polish Furniture
  • Vacuum Furniture
  • Wash Windows
  • Clean Window Sills
  • Wash Curtains
  • Clean Ceiling Fans
  • Clean Decor
  • Mop/Vacuum Floors
  • Shampoo Rugs and Carpets
  • Clean Walls Baseboards

Spring Cleaning Bathrooms

Bathrooms may be cleaned relatively regularly, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t tackle some extra items as part of spring cleaning!

  • Discard Expired Personal Care Items
  • Deep Clean Shower
  • Scrub Tile Grout
  • Deep Clean Sink
  • Deep Clean Toilet
  • Wipe Down Surfaces
  • Clean Mirror
  • Wipe Down Hardware
  • Replace Shower Liner
  • Wash Shower Curtain
  • Mop Floors
  • Clean Walls and Baseboards

How to Spring Clean Your Bedroom

Bedrooms are where most people spend the majority of their time in, at least 6-8 hours a night. Ensure that your space is free of dust and that your bed linens and surfaces are clean to continue getting a good night’s sleep. 

  • Organize Your Clothes
  • Donate Any Unused Clothing
  • Dust Surfaces
  • Dust Blinds
  • Flip Mattress
  • Wash Bed Linens
  • Dust Curtain Rods
  • Wash Curtains
  • Vacuum Carpets
  • Shampoo Carpets
  • Clean Walls and Baseboards

Other Spaces Throughout The Home

You don’t want to forget the spaces in between your rooms during spring cleanings, like your hallways and common spaces. 

  • Test Smoke Alarms & Replace Batteries
  • Replace Air Filters
  • Dust Light Fixtures
  • Replace Old or Inefficient Light Bulbs
  • Clean Hardware Like Drawer Pulls and Door Handles

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be difficult – you just need a basic cleaning checklist to help you along. Before long, you’ll know how to clean a house like a professional. We hope this room cleaning checklist will help you get your home squeaky clean. 

Spring Cleaning Services With Mulberrys

You can also consider getting rugs, bedding, and other household items dry cleaned as part of your spring cleaning. A professional dry cleaning service can help remove deep stains and bring an extra level of cleanliness to some of your everyday items that may get overlooked as part of routine cleaning. At Mulberrys, we offer premium services like rug cleaning, household cleaning for linens and bedding, and wash and fold laundry service to customers in Minneapolis and San Francisco. We also offer free pickup and delivery for many of our laundry and dry cleaning services, so be sure to schedule your pickup online today!