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There’s Cold and Then There’s Dry Cleaning Cold


140107 WinterSo you thought the weather outside was cold? Well you haven’t seen anything yet. Mulberrys toxin-free dry cleaning process takes cold to a whole new level! Unlike other dry cleaners that use stinky toxic chemicals to clean your clothes, Mulberry uses a odorless, toxin-free liquid CO2 based cleaning process that leaves your clothes cleaner and brighter. In addition, the liquid CO2 based dry cleaning process is cold….real cold. In order to convert CO2 from a gas to a liquid, we bring the temperature of the gas to below 110 degrees Fahenheit. When the dry cleaning process is over, your clothes come out clean as a whistle, but also ice cold. The absence of heat ensures that your clothes never shrink or lose vibrance and color. Now that’s a pretty cool dry cleaners if you ask me.

To experience the coolest dry cleaners around you can stop by any one of our five locations in Minneapolis, St. Louis Park, Edina, Eagan, or Minnetonka. Or you can sign-up for our home delivery dry cleaning service on line. In the meantime, bundle up and stay warm!