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How to Treat Barbecue Stains


Not all barbecue stains are easy to get out, but you can take quick steps to save your outfit from being permanently stained.

It’s time to get the grill ready for a barbecue. What if you find your barbecue menu on your outfit?

Here at Mulberrys, our stain removal experts are prepared to tackle any stain. While these tips may help in the interim, it’s a good idea to take your clothes to a professional dry cleaner to ensure your stains don’t set.

BBQ Sauce: Are ribs your favorite food item? If yes, chances are barbecue sauce has trickled onto your shirt a few times. Remove the excess barbecue sauce and run cold water on the back of the stain. This will force the stain out of the fabric. Rub eco-friendly liquid detergent into the stain. Let sit for ten minutes then soak in lukewarm water. If the stain remains, wash as usual or bring it into Mulberrys and one of our stain experts will take care of it!

Ketchup: Rinse the back of the stain with cold water. Rub with eco-friendly laundry detergent and rinse. Apply a small amount of white vinegar and rinse again. Repeat until stain disappears. If the stain persists, wash as usual or take your clothing item to your local dry cleaner.

Grease: Breaking down the grease is important when it comes to removing grease stains. Apply eco-friendly dish detergent directly to the stain. Rub it directly on the stain and let sit for a few minutes. Wash regularly. If the stain persists, take it to a professional. Grease stains can be tricky!

Beer: Rinse cold water on the back of the stain. Apply a mixture of cold water and eco-friendly laundry detergent and let sit for at least five minutes. Wash as usual, but consider taking it to a professional. Dried beer stains can stain quickly and leave an odor.

Who is ready for this weekend’s barbecue? We are! And we’re ready for the stains that come with all the fun.