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Why We Use Eco-friendly Caldrea Detergent to Clean Your Clothes


Mulberrys exists because our CEO, Dan Miller, saw a need to not only make dry cleaning simpler but also make it safer and eco-friendly. For years, the dry cleaning industry used toxic chemicals that harmed customers’ well-being, their clothes, and the earth.  Many dry cleaners still use them.

When the idea of Mulberrys began to transform from an idea to reality, we went on the hunt to find a clean, safe laundry product for our customers. We wanted a product that didn’t leave clothes damaged or smelling like chemicals. Choosing an eco-friendly product was also important to us because without a safe planet there would be no Mulberrys.

We use Caldrea because we believe our customers and their clothes deserve the best eco-friendly cleaning products.

Caldrea is eco-friendly laundry detergent

Caldrea products are chemical-free. By using chemical-free products, we don’t release new chemicals into the atmosphere. Your skin won’t be contaminated by any harmful chemicals, unlike a typical dry cleaner.

The smell of chemicals is not the smell of clean clothes. Caldrea products use oils and plant-based ingredients to create a fresh-smelling scent. When you pick up your clothes from Mulberrys, we want you to know that your clothes are clean, not full of chemicals.

Caldrea products respect your clothes. When you drop your clothes off at Mulberrys, you can be sure we care for your clothes the same way you care for your clothes. Your clothes aren’t just a piece of fabric; they’re a piece of you. Caldrea products allow us to clean your clothes, so you get them back in the same condition you dropped them off without any stains.

The next time you’re in the store, ask one of our store associates about our eco-friendly processes and products. They’ll provide you with more information about Caldrea and how we use it in our cleaning services.

We’re committed to keeping you, your clothes, and the earth safe and clean. Stop on into Mulberrys for a toxin-free clean or sign-up for pickup and delivery.