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What to Do If You Stain Your Wedding Dress


After what may be months or even years of planning for the best day of your life, you’ve finally found a dress that you can imagine yourself walking down the aisle wearing. But of course, just after you thought every detail was accounted for, you spill a glass of red wine on your gown or find grass stains on the hem of your dress. So, what do you do next if you stain your wedding dress?

As wedding season approaches, there are a few things to know about cleaning your dress. And we can help!

Take a Deep Breath

The first thing you should do if your stain your wedding dress is remain calm. Easier said than done, we know. Staining your wedding dress feels like the worst thing that could happen, especially after all of your planning and preparation to make sure your big day is special.

Don’t lose hope just yet. The worst thing you can do after you stain your wedding dress is panic. It might cause you to rub various home remedies or the wrong stain removing chemicals on your beautiful dress and make it worse. Instead, relax, breathe, and take a calculated approach to remove the stain successfully. It could save the day.

Inform Yourself

Before you dive headfirst into fix-it-mode, consider your wedding dress’ fabric and the stain you’re conquering. Different stains require different removal methods, and the same goes for fabrics. Most wedding dresses have a care label on the inside, which will provide you with information about the material.

Note: it will be easier to remove the stain from artificial fibers than natural fibers, such as silk.

The best way to inform yourself is to consult your gown’s cleaning instructions. You should already know how to care for your dress and have those items on hand. If you can’t find the label or it doesn’t help, contact the boutique. Here are the most common stains you may encounter:

  • Beverages: One of the easier stains to remove. Create a solution of three parts and one part dish soap, and carefully dab it on the stain until it is no longer visible.
  • Oil Stains: Place a cloth under the stained area and use a cotton ball to blot the cleaning solution (equal parts white vinegar and dish soap) on your gown. Finish by dabbing the dress with warm water to eliminate the scent of the vinegar.
  • Lipstick Stains: This can be difficult to tackle since lipstick colors and formulas vary. Remedy this with one part water and one part dish soap.
  • Dirt and Grass Stains: Leave it to the professionals. Thankfully, people probably won’t notice because the stain is perhaps at the bottom of your wedding dress.

Clean Before You Store

So, you survived the big day, and you notice there’s evidence of the ceremony or the reception on your wedding dress. Before storing your dress, do a professional post-wedding cleaning. Using remover pens can cause irreversible damage to your gown, and that’s not a memory you want to keep with you forever. So, instead, take your dress to someone who specializes in preservation cleaning. Be sure to ask them about the methods and chemicals used so that you feel confident handing over your dress.

Taking Your Dress to the Cleaners: Mulberrys Garment Care

While you can do a few things to remove wedding dress stains, the wisest option to make sure you enjoy your wedding day is taking your wedding gown to Mulberrys Garment Care.

We are an award-winning, full-service, eco-friendly dry-cleaning company that offers wedding dress cleaning services. Our specially trained experts can help you clean, restore, and preserve your dress, reinforce wedding gown seams, or reattach any beads or embellishments.

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