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Worst Laundry Fails


Let’s face it… We have all had that one laundry fail that we don’t care to admit to anyone. Maybe you burnt an item with an iron, or shrunk something– but usually, most laundry fails are pretty funny when you look back on them, even if they make you see red at the time.

We asked some inside sources to look back on some of the worst laundry or dry cleaning mistakes they ever had, and to give us the dirt on their laundry fails. We left out names to avoid any embarrassment ;)

Man and woman have laundry fail











Honey, I Shrunk The Sweater 

One man tells of a time before the Mulberrys days, when he once washed and dried a wool sweater at home in his normal washer and dryer- and shrunk it down to “toddler size.” If he would have had the sweater dry cleaned at Mulberrys, we could have saved him from ruining that precious item! After an experience that sounds like it came right out of a TV sitcom, he’ll know better for next time.

Pants Pressing Fiasco

Another person told us with much chagrin that she once used an iron on the highest setting (cotton), on a pair of her polyester pants. The iron left shiny streaks all up and down the pants, because it was way too hot for the delicate fabric, and it even left melted polyester on the iron. Yikes! The Mulberrys pressing experts could have handled that one in a snap. Better luck next time!

Comforter Chaos

Another source told us that when she was a small child, around 5 years old before she knew better, she wanted to try to wash her Barney comforter… And her favorite Silly Putty, so it would be clean. She threw the two items into the wash without consulting her mother, and the Silly Putty left a streaky mess all over the comforter, AND the washer… We can’t even imagine the mess… Good thing Mulberrys can handle household items, so you never have to worry about laundering a comforter at home! And as far as that Barney comforter covered in Silly Putty… Well, hopefully it was donated for science.

Lipstick in the Pocket Bungle

Our third source once told us about a time that she missed checking one of her blouse pockets, despite being extra careful to do so- and unfortunately missed a tube of red lipstick! The lipstick melted and stained all of the clothing that was in the wash machine. Our hearts go out to that load of laundry… Forever in our hearts.

Dry Cleaning Disaster

One final source tells us of a time that she didn’t realize “Dry Clean Only” was a hard and fast rule to stick by… She tried to hand wash a dry-clean only silk blouse at home in the sink with delicate detergent. However, the silk didn’t like water, and the water stained the fabric with big water spots all over the blouse. And even though she used mild detergent and rinsed the garment, the silk didn’t take well to the soap. The fabric stiffened up, as if it had been starched! R.I.P Silk Blouse. We hardly knew you.

Do you have a laundry fail that you’d like to share? Trust us, we would love to hear them. Message us on our Facebook page with your worst at-home laundry fail, and we’ll credit your account with $5!

Have a great weekend, and may the Garment Care fairies be on your side- and if not, may you visit your local Mulberrys soon!


Team Mulberrys