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On Point Fall Accessories — 5 Things You Need NOW


The weather this week certainly feels more like winter than fall, yet our autumn outfits haven’t even had a chance to shine! Dress up your new wardrobe with these hot accessories:

1. Hats

Big or small, feathery or knit, functional or purely for decoration–hats made their way to the runways this year in many forms. Try sporting  heavier fabrics and darker colors to make your outfit totally on point for fall.

Woman wearing a trendy fall hat

2. Bold Bags

This Lisa Frank-esque trend may seem a bit silly, but is popping up everywhere. Bright, tween-inspired bags are very trendy for the fall season. Sporting this trend with a smaller purse is a perfect, noncommittal way to add a pop of color to your outfit.

Woman holding a brown fall handbag

3. Belts

See ya, statement necklaces! Chunky belts are the new way to add some color to your ensemble. The ever-flattering fall accessory trend can add a tailored look to an otherwise baggy garment, or wear a more classic version to polish your look.

Woman accessorizing for fall with a belt

4. The Oxford

Stemming from the “Borrowing From the Boys” fashion movement, the oxford shoe can be worn in several different forms, from classic lace-up to penny loafers to moccasin-inspired heels! Regardless of which style you choose, it always looks classy.

Woman with fall accessories including a scarf and oxford shoes

5. Sparkle Anything

Attention girly-girls: it’s your time to shine (literally!). This fall season, the more gems, the better. Instead of separately accessorizing with a top and necklace, many retailers this season have tops with the glitz built right in. But it isn’t limited to necklines–gloves, shoes, bags, even socks are covered in sparkles this season.

Woman wearing a trendy sparkling shirt for the fall

Have a great weekend!

Team Mulberrys