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Dickson Kwatampora customer review
on 09/13/2019
Roseville Store
I got my suit coats back and they were not washed. Smelt like a spray and they were still dirty. Had to put them in the washer as I needed the coats for Friday and Saturday. I dropped them off the Monday before. I will be coming back to the store to get my refund.Thank you! Dickson
Livia Dahl customer review
on 01/02/2019
Roseville Store
I had brought in a sweater that had tea spilled on it and the lovely lady said it should not be a problem and come out. I picked it up today with all the stains still there with a note and a different not so nice lady was no help in explaining why the stains did not come out and said there is a note explaining why. I have encountered her a few tes and don’t find her the friendliest person. I am going to try a different dry cleaner after paying $13:00 to not have the stains come out
Amy Goran customer review
on 12/19/2018
Roseville Store
You lost the pants to my husband’s suit. And although the team was able to quickly clean a different suit (he needed one that day for a wedding) they made him pay for the service, even though we were in this position due to their mistake.
Kris Kiesling customer review
on 04/26/2018
Roseville Store
I paid nearly $40 for cleaning and got back a wrinkled mess of a comforter. If I could send you a picture, I would. Putting it on a hanger rather than stuffing it into a bag would certainly have been preferable.
Eric Nelson customer review
on 02/17/2018
Roseville Store
One of my suits is lost. In addition, 4 garments were delivered to our house that were not mine. A representative did come to the house later in the day but treated my wife as if he did not believe the suit was really missing until going through each item one by one. I expect the suit to be found or replaced at full value.