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Lin Zhang customer review
on 11/20/2017
San Carlos Store
First of all, when I dropped off my two items, I asked how much it was gonna be. The girl who helped me said she would not know until she entered the order into the system or whatever. I asked her whether I will receive an email about the cost and she said yes. I never received any emails abt the cost until this morning an email came in saying my order was ready. When I picked them up, one dress still has that one stain which is the reason why I sent it in for dry cleaning. and it came to $40 for two short dresses? I asked why it was so much more. Then the lady said because brand care was added to both of my dresses. I think I should be informed when I dropped off my item. I felt I was robbed. I spent $40 and got the dresses back with the stains on. What a scam. Btw, I checked my spam folder and still didn't find any email from mulberry about the cost. Terrible service. And the girl working at 101 California wasn't friendly or helpful at all.
Sarah Ali customer review
on 10/18/2017
244 Townsend Store
Hello,This was my first time at Mulberry dry cleaners. I walked in with high expectation considering the great reviews and location (Crocker Galleria). Upon arrival, I asked the assistant how much would a women's blouse cost. I had three (women's blouses) and a Men's blazer. She told me silk and cashmere blouses were $2 and a cotton regular shirt was $8.99. At first, it didn't make sense to me that why would silk be so cheap and cotton expensive. It should be the other way. I reconfirmed with her twice on the pricing and she told me It was $2. I didn't give my cotton blouse and gave the two silk ones and the men's blazer. I was being told pick is the next day. When my husband went the next day, they said the boiler was out of order and the clothes are not ready.I went in today to collect the clothes and they charged me $23.5. I didn't realize at first and paid for it. After paying I told the store rep that she overcharged me. She was arguing with me saying the lady who was there on Monday is the supervisor would never quote the wrong price blaming it all on me.I come home and check the items, and GUESS WHAT???? The stains are not even removed. Like seriously????? YOU PAY $23 for this and not even get the items clean.I have pictures of the stain as proof to show. Please contact me ASAP.Sarah Ali
Mehak Chopra customer review
on 09/27/2017
Burlingame Store
The sweater I gave is still dirty. Very unhappy with the service. Will bring it in to show.
Dana Linda customer review
on 09/26/2017
Burlingame Store
To Whom It May Concern:I left a voicemail yesterday on your corporate line with respect to the ensuing issue. I am writing to follow up on a recent order that was charged on 09/09/17 in the amount of transaction of $165.37.This order failed to return our wash and fold, and mistakenly included that of another client. Upon discovery, we returned the contents immediately to the Mulberry Burlingame location; but were told that nothing could be done to retrieve our clothing until the following Monday, 9/11. Unfortunately, we were traveling out of the country on Sunday, 9/10 and my husband had to subsequently purchase ~$100 in new clothing to take on our 2-week trip.We have been loyal customers to Mulberry, and would prefer to continue to use its services; however, we are asking for compensation for the inconvenience and cost that this error created for us.Thank you,Dana
Dan Miller customer review
on 09/22/2017
244 Townsend Store
Fawzi Kamel customer review
on 09/15/2017
San Carlos Store
I been loyal customer from day one on Townsend street location. But today is the last time I'll use your service I had the worst customer service , rude , slow She so slow to the point a took me 15 min to pick up Plus she didn't even let me use bathroom She didn't have name tag so whoever worked today September 15th round 6pm I wouldn't hire her not even for $1 an hour
gloria Kaplan customer review
on 08/25/2017
San Carlos Store
Stephen McGuinness customer review
on 08/22/2017
2295 Filbert St. Store
I asked for a coat to be dry cleaned and a embroided patch to be sewn onto the pocket of the coat. I pinned it in place and it was returned cleaned but the patch was sewn on upside down. The patch had lions on it which were clearly the wrong way up so really frustrating.
Paige Uher customer review
on 08/11/2017
244 Townsend Store
This was our first time using Mulberry to dry clean a table cloth we use at conferences and it is ruined. It came back with snags in the cloth. It is a $220 table cloth that I needed to take for a conference tonight.
Rebecca Lewinson customer review
on 07/28/2017
244 Townsend Store
I'm very disappointed in my experience with Mullbery's Cleaners. Not only was my laundry not picked up on time (on Tuesday), but when I was told it would be delivered by Thursday evening, it wasn't. There was poor transparency with pricing details (and discrepancies in what I was told it would cost from what I was charged). I'm missing a sock, and the white shirts were obviously put in the wash with dark clothes/jeans because they're now tinted blue. On top of all of that, I'm not sure what kind of machine you're using, because I've never had a problem in washing the same shirts with my laundry machine at home, but it was on such a high speed that it ripped the company tags off of the shirt and also ripped the stiching on the shirts. I'm extremely disappointed given I chose Mulbery's Cleaners due to the claims made on the website about the care put into the process, and now I'm left with ruined clothes due to sheer negligence.
Roslyn Whitney customer review
on 07/26/2017
244 Townsend Store
It took 3 times to have the Pick up and Delivery50 to happened ( 2 times scheduled on the phone, one was rescheduled, the next, no one even showed even though I waited for them at the pick up time) finally i scheduled it on the computer, responding to the offer you emailed me.The invoices, once the order had been picked up were incorrect and it took 2 or 3 times to correct them. I will wait and see if they have the $10 off that was offered previously for the inconveniences will be taken taken into account; unlikely is my guess given past experience.Now I am being emailed that I have to go somewhere and pick up my clothes when they were scheduled for delivery yesterday, the 25th, confirmed more than once. Quite unbelievable.
Helen Chen customer review
on 07/05/2017
San Carlos Store
You need to double check you have the right customer info before taking an order. Someone with my name dropped off an order and I'm the one getting emails and texts about it. For starters, double check the phone number and not just the first and last name of an account.
Nicholas Xu customer review
on 06/27/2017
San Carlos Store
Where is my suit? I'm flying off on Wednesday morning. Ordered my dry cleaning to delivery by Tuesday. This is 9:32pm on Tuesday, and I don't see my suit anywhere yet.