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Dan Miller customer review
on 09/22/2017
244 Townsend Store
Paige Uher customer review
on 08/11/2017
244 Townsend Store
This was our first time using Mulberry to dry clean a table cloth we use at conferences and it is ruined. It came back with snags in the cloth. It is a $220 table cloth that I needed to take for a conference tonight.
Rebecca Lewinson customer review
on 07/28/2017
244 Townsend Store
I'm very disappointed in my experience with Mullbery's Cleaners. Not only was my laundry not picked up on time (on Tuesday), but when I was told it would be delivered by Thursday evening, it wasn't. There was poor transparency with pricing details (and discrepancies in what I was told it would cost from what I was charged). I'm missing a sock, and the white shirts were obviously put in the wash with dark clothes/jeans because they're now tinted blue. On top of all of that, I'm not sure what kind of machine you're using, because I've never had a problem in washing the same shirts with my laundry machine at home, but it was on such a high speed that it ripped the company tags off of the shirt and also ripped the stiching on the shirts. I'm extremely disappointed given I chose Mulbery's Cleaners due to the claims made on the website about the care put into the process, and now I'm left with ruined clothes due to sheer negligence.
Roslyn Whitney customer review
on 07/26/2017
244 Townsend Store
It took 3 times to have the Pick up and Delivery50 to happened ( 2 times scheduled on the phone, one was rescheduled, the next, no one even showed even though I waited for them at the pick up time) finally i scheduled it on the computer, responding to the offer you emailed me.The invoices, once the order had been picked up were incorrect and it took 2 or 3 times to correct them. I will wait and see if they have the $10 off that was offered previously for the inconveniences will be taken taken into account; unlikely is my guess given past experience.Now I am being emailed that I have to go somewhere and pick up my clothes when they were scheduled for delivery yesterday, the 25th, confirmed more than once. Quite unbelievable.