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4.5 / 5 11,720 Reviews
Dee Sachdev customer review
on 12/28/2016
St. Paul Store
Rachel Schulman customer review
on 11/29/2016
St. Paul Store
It was pretty expensive and the stain wasn't removed. I also wasn't told the stain wasn't removed when I went to pick up the item.
Troy Pinard customer review
on 09/08/2021
St. Paul Store
I brought in a wedding dress for cleaning. Upon inspection my wife discovered that the original train loop had been damage and a new one was poorly installed. The original bust piece that came with the dress had been replaced with a piece of cardboard and a hanger. I would not recommend Mulberry’s for anything important and regret taking my business there.
Alma Lopez customer review
on 09/03/2021
St. Paul Store
A very special garment was misplaced and given to another customer, who didn't return it to one of your stores for a week. I had to make several calls and go to the store a few times before I was able to recover the item.I also bought a spray product that I later decided not to keep. When I tried to return the unopened item, I was told you don't accept returns. I don't recall seeing your "no returns" policy posted anywhere in your store or being mentioned it to me at the time of purchase. I find your policy and the product that I was forced to keep quite disappointing.
Claire Wahmanholm customer review
on 08/21/2021
St. Paul Store
I had been hoping to get a blanket de-pilled, and when I got it home, it looked identical to when I dropped it off. Apparently the guy "did the best he could" but lol, who wants to pay $30 for literally nothing? I would have much preferred he/you be honest and call and say he just couldn't do it rather than charging me for a service he couldn't provide. Huge disappointment.
Virginia Pharr customer review
on 11/30/2018
St. Paul Store
Please accept my apology. I thought I was giving the service the highest score. Ladonna was amazing. I have every intention of making Mulberrys my cleaning home. Gratefully, Virginia PharrIn have also recommended the service to my neighbor.
Ben Blanchette customer review
on 02/21/2018
St. Paul Store
Dear MulberrysSomething is wrong with your online coupon system. For example, there are often deals such as "get $50 fo cleaning for $35." These promotions are sent to my inbox, and I have often purchased them by following the link, grateful for the discount for quality cleaning.However, nearly every time I purchase them (at least 3X now), when I arrive at the store they are not able to process the credit that should be on my account. This has happened both when there is a printable barcode on the confirmation email, as well as most recently (today) when there was no barcode on the confirmation email. This creates a terribly embarrassing situation for both myself and the employee, who is understandably just trying to do their job.In fact, the last time (back in Dec) I was sent a promotion, I almost ignored it, supposing that $15 is not worth the almost certain to occur uncomfortable situation at the register. I went ahead and purchased it anyway, and when I tried to use the credit (today), unfortunately the same thing happened. No credit on account, and when I showed the email which stated "$50 credit, just show this email and we'll take care of the rest!" to the staff person, they were confused and unable to help. A 10 minute conversation ensued, which was polite yet unproductive. The staff person did eventually offer to call the store manager, who authorized a $50 credit to my account, which I appreciate. However, I hope you will understand that this is not how I wish to interact with your business or your staff.I will continue to visit Mulberrys regardless of discount. My hope is that you will consider looking into this matter before sending more email promotions. Thank you
Ayano Jiru customer review
on 11/04/2017
St. Paul Store
I paid $30 for one jacket. The price surprised me when I purchased picked up.
Laurie Adamson customer review
on 10/12/2017
St. Paul Store
I have has three failed service attempts with Mulberry’s and will not be returning again. First trip, two of our white dress shirts came back tinted blue. They looked ridiculous. The staff said they could complete it for free and gave me a guarantee when it would be done that was not met. I received an email saying it was delayed. Then, I dropped off a set of clothes (9 items!) on a Tuesday morning. They said (and my email confirmed) it would be delivered by 10:30am Thursday. We received no drop offs to our house and it is now 8pm. I have called the store 3 times and received NO answer as to where my clothes are. The woman first said at 4pm that it would be delivered it was just delayed. I called at 6pm and said she or the driver would call me back and no one call did. I called back at 7:50pm only for her to tell me she doesn’t know where our items are and what that they will “probably” be delivered tomorrow. Completely unacceptable that no one can tell me where my items are. We are leaving for a trip tomorrow and we need our clothes by the guaranteed time or AT LEAST 12 hours after. I even said I could come to the store to get them; but she said no since they are not there. This entire experience has been a cluster and I am beyond frustrated. This entire order should be free and then some. What a joke.
Annie Lien customer review
on 10/04/2017
St. Paul Store
Brian Kohlbeck customer review
on 09/20/2017
St. Paul Store
I did not receive 50% of my order as requested since it was my first order and as noted on the pickup request. Additionally my credit card was charged for two mineral waters which I obviously didn’t purchase on this delivery order. I’ll call the store tomorrow. But unauthorized use of my card is not cool.
Igor Radovitskiy customer review
on 06/17/2017
St. Paul Store
I had a surprise 30% brand name charge that noone explained to me before I dropped off my items. A basic black cardigan shouldn't cost $16 to dry clean....
Philip Mische customer review
on 03/11/2017
St. Paul Store
I dropped off a pair of pants and two shirts for minor repairs (zipper replaced on pants, and a button sewn on each shirt). I was told that the fees would be $2.50/button, and $20 for the zipper, but was charged over $50 because they chose to clean the clothes as well. I will be contacting them to request a refund, otherwise I will not use their services again.
Jaime Driggs customer review
on 02/14/2017
St. Paul Store
I dropped off 5 white shirts to be laundered and pressed. I picked them up on 2.13 and when I got home, I noticed that 3 of them had dirty spots on them. When I dropped them off they were pristine, brand-new shirts that came right out of the package and had never been worn (which is why I needed them laundered and pressed).
Darcy Diedrich customer review
on 02/07/2017
St. Paul Store
I sent and email and have not been followed up with. I picked an order up last week. It consisted of three pieces; a police uniform shirt, police uniform pants, and a police uniform vest. When I dropped it off, I was told I would get a 10% military discount. When I picked the order up I also had a $10.00 coupon from you. With the coupon and 10% discount I paid around $32.00 for three pieces. I reviewed the website and cannot figure out why I was charged so much. The prices posted are no where near what I paid with a $10.00 coupon and a 10% discount. would like an answer.Thank you so much.