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Keith Johnson customer review
on 01/02/2019
Edina Store
So I have had a little bit of an issue with a repair/alteration I have asked to be done. I just want to say first and foremost that the lady at the Edina location who has helped me has been absolutely wonderful, so I have no issue whatsoever with her. She is responsive and pleasant, so please do extend my sincerest thanks to her.The first time I dropped off this item (a pair of suit pants for the suit I will wear in my wedding in April) I requested 4 things, 1) take the waist in, 2) repair the hem, 3) do not dry clean, and 4) send back to the St. Louis Park location. I went in a few days later when I was emailed it was done. The waist had not been taken in, the hems have not been repaired, it was dry cleaned, and it was delivered back to the Edina location. This is literally the exact opposite of everything I asked, which should not have happened when I watched him write down what was supposed to be done. Luckily it was fine and I had no need for them in the short term, so I didn't mind sending them back. However, I went back today, the waist was not taken in far enough, the waist was resewn unevenly at the back, and still the hems were not repaired. The hem was the original thing I went in for repair. It is extremely hard to miss, because half the right pant leg hem is torn out, and the left pant leg requires a 3 second review to find the small tear.I am not mad. I'm just a little disappointed because I really like your services and I have even recommended a couple people to you (although I do not think I ever received the referral for one of them come to think of it). It's not something I will get bent out of shape about because this is fixable, but please help in fixing this. Again, the lady at the Edina location today (at approximately 4:30pm when I went in) has been great. Feel free to call (612-987-3386) or email any time.
Tom Tessman customer review
on 03/25/2017
Edina Store
Get some help at the store. I shouldn't have to wait 10+ minutes for someone to come out of the back room to help on a Saturday afternoon
Lauren Lang customer review
on 03/08/2017
Edina Store
Lesli Luther customer review
on 01/28/2017
Edina Store
On our shirts is still missing. This is the second time something has been lost.
Bob Daly customer review
on 01/27/2017
Edina Store
Series of unfortunate events beginning with my 50% off delivery offer not being recognized, then receiving an email to "pick up" my garments when they were supposed to be delivered, then delivery not occurring because my card was not on file even though I entered it to place the order, then receiving my garments and none of the shirts had any starch even though I requested such. Total system failure, start to finish.
Renee Vermilyea customer review
on 11/20/2016
Edina Store
They lost my order. It is my absolute favorite scarf. And I need it for a trip to NYC. Leaving on the 25th.
Michelle Weber customer review
on 11/10/2016
Edina Store
I had brought 3 things in for leather/suede cleaning and repair. I left a leather clutch that needed a new snap on it. Asked for an estimate before they did the work. I never got a call. When I came to pick it up, the bill was $55 and the snap did not even work. Mulberry's did not make me pay for it, but now I have to take it somewhere else to be the same time, I had two suede jackets cleaned. One of them, I had to bring back, as the cuffs were never cleaned....they were still dirty and had a pen mark. I paid you $150 for the two pieces. Honestly, I would like to be credit for some of this, for the time and troubled involved. I have not yet picked up the jacket I brought in to be redone...but will this week. I hope it's better.This was the first time I tried your store, because of proximity to my work and your leather cleaning.I will say the staff is pleasant.