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Eric Clendening customer review
on 06/27/2019
2295 Filbert St. Store
Im not one for complaining usually, let me just say it took almost 3 days to have my clothes washed and folded. Cost me .50 cents more per/pound than the competitor. The competitor hangs all my clothes and they came back in wearable condition. Upon inspection, my clothes laundered at your facility were so wrinkled that they were unwearable. Ill choose another business if this is regular service.Sincerely,Eric Clendening
Kate Bollinger customer review
on 04/17/2019
2295 Filbert St. Store
Clothes came back not cleaned and had stains on them. Staff have drug problems and are covered in track marks from injecting drugs. They smelled like they hadn't showered and their nails were extremely dirty, not the type of people who should be working at a luxury dry cleaner.
Assen Tchorbadjiev customer review
on 03/24/2019
2295 Filbert St. Store
Seemed like new and very inexperienced staff at the 2295 Filbert location. I usually see Jose over there who besides knowing very well what he’s doing, also provides superior customer service. I’m sorry to provide that feedback as I’ve stayed with you since you bought Greenstreet cleaners.
Meredith Krull customer review
on 11/14/2018
2295 Filbert St. Store
Have been trying to get my order for weeks. Terrible app that does not work. Emails sent that orders have been delivered when they haven't. The worst experience ever. If you cannot handle the technology, you should not offer it. Never using Mulberry's again and am telling everyone I know who cares about their clothes that you are to be avoided.
Amir Gupta customer review
on 10/04/2018
2295 Filbert St. Store
This was quite honestly the worst experience I have ever had with any business, especially a business of trust like a cleaner.My $1500 tuxedo shirt was damaged with a gaping hole and the staff was incredibly rude in how they treated me, effectively making me feel as if their negligence with my item was something I needed to work to correct. I have multiple emails in correspondence with Nolina, the store manager, and this level of legwork is not my responsibility to correct your error and damage.
Michael Yarborough customer review
on 05/20/2018
2295 Filbert St. Store
First let me say that I expect far better from Mulberrys. I dropped off my dry cleaning off on Wednesday Morning expecting that I would be able to pick it up the next day during my lunch hour, and let me say that at any other dry cleaner around town I could have picked it up with no problem. But I was informed that I would not be able to pick it up until Friday after 4:00 pm which I found unacceptable but I was already there so okay. I was then informed on Friday morning that there was a delay so the clothes would not be ready for pickup till Saturday again unacceptable. This is a chronic pattern with Mulberrys promise one thing and cannot follow through poor very poor. The time before this I had an issue where I had my laundry delayed a few days. The excuse I was given then was that I had turned in my laundry 15 minutes after I had turned in my dry cleaning....15 minutes. I have no problem with paying for quality service but that is what I am not receiving from Mulberrys. A company should not raise it's price without raising the quality of service which did not happen here. So I am very displeased with Mullberrys an unfortunately cannot continue in this business relationship with Mulberrys. I really don't feel that it would be fair to continue to use your establishment and not get the quality that I expect and deserve.
Brian Mcdevitt customer review
on 02/03/2018
2295 Filbert St. Store
I dropped off 7 dress shirts last Saturday and it took a week to get the shirts back and they only gave me 6 shirts back and the 7th was apparently ruined during the cleaning process with a bleach spot. I can’t say for certain as the shirt was not there and the person working the counter said I had to file a claim and somebody would get back to me. It was my first time using your services car and if you ruined my shirt without reimbursing me for it I don’t think that is good business. If someone could contact me at(415) 629-2602 when they get a chance I would appreciate it. Thanks, Brian
Stephen McGuinness customer review
on 08/22/2017
2295 Filbert St. Store
I asked for a coat to be dry cleaned and a embroided patch to be sewn onto the pocket of the coat. I pinned it in place and it was returned cleaned but the patch was sewn on upside down. The patch had lions on it which were clearly the wrong way up so really frustrating.