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Nick Ryberg customer review
on 04/24/2017
St. Louis Park Store
Clothing left laying on front steps - no hook keeping them off the ground.
Michael Mangold customer review
on 04/14/2017
St. Louis Park Store
One of my shirts had been damaged in the cleaning process. I alerted the person at the front desk when dropping off my shirts. He said he would investigate and call me back. Instead, they merely sent the damaged shirt back to me with no further communication. Very frustrating, particularly since I am a regular/repeat customer.
Nancy Chakrin customer review
on 04/10/2017
Minneapolis Store
I picked up my cleaning in SLP on Saturday and just did a drive thru without looking at the scarf as I was headed off to an appt. When I unwrapped the covering that eve, I was disappointed to find that the spots were still on the fabric. There was no note of not being able to remove them — this scarf is one of my favorite memories from my travels outside the country. I think this was soy sauce...Thank you for your reply. Nancy Chakrin
Tom Tessman customer review
on 03/25/2017
Edina Store
Get some help at the store. I shouldn't have to wait 10+ minutes for someone to come out of the back room to help on a Saturday afternoon
Vish Vasani customer review
on 03/23/2017
St. Louis Park Store
95% of the time, my products are never cleaned. The stain is never removed, or new stains (like recently, with this item, pen marks from something else were all over the pants I gave to you) show up. I always have to have it sent back. It's really frustrating.
Mary Egsgaard customer review
on 03/19/2017
Eagan Store
I sent a garment out for a zipper to be repaired. I waited two weeks and received an e mail stating my order was ready. When I picked it up I was told they couldn't fix it. I believe that I should have been told that before two weeks. I understand that they can't fix it but that is poor service.
Philip Mische customer review
on 03/11/2017
St. Paul Store
I dropped off a pair of pants and two shirts for minor repairs (zipper replaced on pants, and a button sewn on each shirt). I was told that the fees would be $2.50/button, and $20 for the zipper, but was charged over $50 because they chose to clean the clothes as well. I will be contacting them to request a refund, otherwise I will not use their services again.
Lauren Lang customer review
on 03/08/2017
Edina Store
Sun Yu customer review
on 02/23/2017
St. Louis Park Store
Did not pick up on the scheduled day and did not give any explanation. Even though they did not pick up my bag on the scheduleday day, theyou sent me email that theyou completed their delivery.
Adam Reinstein customer review
on 02/18/2017
Minneapolis Store
How about delivering my entire order on time not just one pair of pants. Tried the new pick up and delivery service for convenience but turns out to be much more inconvenient and frustrating. Never again.
Jaime Driggs customer review
on 02/14/2017
St. Paul Store
I dropped off 5 white shirts to be laundered and pressed. I picked them up on 2.13 and when I got home, I noticed that 3 of them had dirty spots on them. When I dropped them off they were pristine, brand-new shirts that came right out of the package and had never been worn (which is why I needed them laundered and pressed).
John Hensel customer review
on 02/07/2017
Minneapolis Store
Darcy Diedrich customer review
on 02/07/2017
St. Paul Store
I sent and email and have not been followed up with. I picked an order up last week. It consisted of three pieces; a police uniform shirt, police uniform pants, and a police uniform vest. When I dropped it off, I was told I would get a 10% military discount. When I picked the order up I also had a $10.00 coupon from you. With the coupon and 10% discount I paid around $32.00 for three pieces. I reviewed the website and cannot figure out why I was charged so much. The prices posted are no where near what I paid with a $10.00 coupon and a 10% discount. would like an answer.Thank you so much.
Sharon Thorbeck customer review
on 02/04/2017
Minneapolis Store
I was promised the order on Feb.2 at 5 pm. We drove to pick it up on Feb 3 and it hadn't been completed and was told to come back tomorrow. I live in Mendota Heights and have to drive to Eagan to pick it up, out of the way. My last order I had trouble with also.
Liz Connelly customer review
on 02/02/2017
Minneapolis Store
Actually deliver my dry cleaning to my apartment building
Lesli Luther customer review
on 01/28/2017
Edina Store
On our shirts is still missing. This is the second time something has been lost.
Bob Daly customer review
on 01/27/2017
Edina Store
Series of unfortunate events beginning with my 50% off delivery offer not being recognized, then receiving an email to "pick up" my garments when they were supposed to be delivered, then delivery not occurring because my card was not on file even though I entered it to place the order, then receiving my garments and none of the shirts had any starch even though I requested such. Total system failure, start to finish.
Amanda Haehn-Woods customer review
on 01/26/2017
Minneapolis Store
I attempted to pick-up my jacket yesterday-it need a cleaning and 4 sewing repairs. 3 of the 4 repairs were complete.Sadly, this is about the 5th or 6th time that I've had to return items because they did not remove stains or complete fixes as requested. I can't rely on the store to get it right the first time!
Margaret Buchanan customer review
on 01/02/2017
Minneapolis Store
I left 3 dresses and 2 skirts to be dry cleaned. When I dropped them off, I pointed out that the belt accompanying one of the skirts was not attached - as I didn't want it to get lost. I picked up 3 dresses and 1 skirt today and 1 belt. The belt did not get lost. The matching skirt did. When I called, I was told I would receive a call back from the plant manager. I was told I should give the company a couple of weeks to find the skirt. I was not offered an apology, instead it was suggested that the 5 items on my receipt were possibly 3 dresses, 1 skirt and a belt. I really, really, really want to like Mulberrys - it's close, it's toxin free and, while pricey, it is otherwise appealing for all the right reasons. But unless I hear back from the manager and ideally receive the missing skirt, I don't know how that could be possible...
Chris Finlay customer review
on 12/15/2016
St. Louis Park Store
My brand new dress shirt came back stiff as a board. I went to wear it for an important meeting and could not because it hurt to wear. I cant imagine anyone ever wanting that much starch.