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Dwayne White customer review
on 10/06/2016
Minneapolis Store
My shirts were not ready when they saud they would be. I was told Monday. Then i was told Tuesday. On Tuesday i was told they would be ready on Wednesday. My shirts were finally ready on Thursday. If i was told from the beginning that they would be ready Thursday, i would be ok with that. Do as you say you will do. Dont over promise & under deliver.
Sue Polka customer review
on 09/30/2016
St. Louis Park Store
Find my clothes
Daniel Miller customer review
on 09/29/2016
Minneapolis Store
Just testing if comments are coming through
Yanique Teape customer review
on 09/27/2016
Minneapolis Store
Put in an order on Thursday to be picked up on Friday. Was guaranteed that the items would be ready by Friday at 2pm. Items were not ready until Friday at 6pm and the order was not fully complete, was missing the button up shirt I would need to wear with my suit. I also dropped off multiple pieces at the same time on Thursday that I wouldn't need until the following week, I explicitly requested that the items do not get delivered to the address in the file and told the receptionist that I would pick them up , the address in the file was my old address. I went out of town , and got an email that the items were delivered to the address I asked them not to be sent to.
Courtney Semke customer review
on 09/26/2016
St. Louis Park Store
The customer service was fine, but my sweater was ruined.
Micki Kay customer review
on 09/24/2016
St. Louis Park Store
Raghu Bala customer review
on 09/24/2016
St. Louis Park Store
I gave an order for rush delivery which was supposed to be complete by 9/23. But it is 9/24 and still not ready. Person at checkout said she will try for Monday (9/26) which is not a great response. This is a very important order as My wife has a flight to catch Monday and this is her interview suit
Susan Genaw customer review
on 09/23/2016
St. Louis Park Store
I went in this afternoon to pick up my order which was to have been ready two days ago. It was not ready. I was told that it would be coming in on the truck which would arrive around 5 pm.. The woman I dealt with told me she would call me when it came in. At 6:30 pm, I had not heard from her, so I called. The woman on the phone was not helpful. She asked me my name 3 times. I gave it to her th first time, and each time thereafter. Then she told me to wait, which I did. She finally came back, looked up the order and said it had arrived. So I went to pick it up, arriving 15 minutes before closing time. I was told that it was not there!!! I expressed my frustration, givien that I had just been told it WAS there. The woman I was dealing with both times at the Lyndale location told me that the calls go to a centralized location. THAT is a problem. After more checking, it was determined that my order was on the truck, but that the truck had come and gone without unloading all the orders. So mine was on the truck, which was going to come back to deliver it. So, after waiting 10 minutes, the truck showed up, with my order. The woman I dealt with both times at the location was embarrassed, and it was obviously not her fault. She gave me a 50 percent discount. Then I got home, and looked at the afghans, only to find out that the fringe on one of them has been obliterated. Hopelessly tangled, and I am afraid that the afghan will start to unravel.