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4.5 / 5 11,720 Reviews
Dan Miller customer review
on 09/22/2017
244 Townsend Store
Jeff Wycoff customer review
on 09/21/2017
Delivery-SF Store
The delivery person was fine. However, she was given only one of around 25 different shirts to deliver. Currently waiting for a response on when my other items will be delivered.
Brian Kohlbeck customer review
on 09/20/2017
St. Paul Store
I did not receive 50% of my order as requested since it was my first order and as noted on the pickup request. Additionally my credit card was charged for two mineral waters which I obviously didn’t purchase on this delivery order. I’ll call the store tomorrow. But unauthorized use of my card is not cool.
neda kharrazi customer review
on 09/15/2017
Delivery-SF Store
I left a few items on Tuesday for pick up. only one returned today (Friday). I'm wondering where my items are.
Fawzi Kamel customer review
on 09/15/2017
San Carlos Store
I been loyal customer from day one on Townsend street location. But today is the last time I'll use your service I had the worst customer service , rude , slow She so slow to the point a took me 15 min to pick up Plus she didn't even let me use bathroom She didn't have name tag so whoever worked today September 15th round 6pm I wouldn't hire her not even for $1 an hour
Becca Simon customer review
on 09/13/2017
Delivery-SF Store
My order wasn't picked up had to call multiple times. Was promised it it would be dropped off Sat & they just delivered today. Horrible service!
Larry Helzel customer review
on 09/08/2017
Delivery-SF Store
Picked up my order at townsend st store this afternoon. Big mistake. Transaction took almost 15 minutes. Appreciate the fact you are in the process of training new staff, but I don't like being negatively affected by your process. We have been long time loyal customers. For today's experience I think you owe us a $20 credit against future orderBest, Larry Helzel 415 302-3471
Steven Chiang customer review
on 09/07/2017
Delivery-SF Store
I am a Greenstreet customer, and was using the MyDryCleaner app to schedule. I received an email to upgrade to the mulberry app, and have tried to schedule on the mulberry app 4 times, it keeps saying pick up is THursday (when my old pick up was Tuesdays) and nothing got picked up. I finally scheduled via the web and everything worked fine.Then I get my order back, and I have 3 shirts that cost $31 to clean. That's pretty crazy expensive, and I am going to be switching services..
Adrian Lechter customer review
on 09/03/2017
Delivery MN Store
The delivery person left my clothes in the lobby of my building unattended. I have zero clue if the clothes will be there when I return later in the afternoon. I tried calling him and texting so that he could leave them somewhere safer and ignored me.
Tom Salmen customer review
on 09/01/2017
St. Louis Park Store
I requested via e mail two times for pick up. Pick up never happened. It finally occurred the third time when I called to notify you. The mgr of the St Louis Pk store was at least apologetic and took care of making sure the pick up occurred the next day.
Mehak Chopra customer review
on 08/30/2017
207 Berry St. Store
Poorest service with wrong items being delivered and needed much back and forth to get it rectified. Can say that they do listen and compensate for mistakes.
Olga Dargham customer review
on 08/30/2017
Delivery-SF Store
A part of my order was delivered to a wrong address. A stranger called me today saying that they have my items delivered to them and they were kind enough to drop it off at Mulberry Belmont location.
gloria Kaplan customer review
on 08/25/2017
San Carlos Store
Stephen McGuinness customer review
on 08/22/2017
2295 Filbert St. Store
I asked for a coat to be dry cleaned and a embroided patch to be sewn onto the pocket of the coat. I pinned it in place and it was returned cleaned but the patch was sewn on upside down. The patch had lions on it which were clearly the wrong way up so really frustrating.
Zachary Thompson customer review
on 08/18/2017
207 Berry St. Store
Treat people with more respect. Say thank you for stopping by at least. Do not saw customers. Stop using very large pens to hem clothes, safety reason or not.
Beth Hofer customer review
on 08/17/2017
207 Berry St. Store
I received the wrong item so I had to drive back to return someone else's dry cleaning and will return again tomorrow when mine is ready. Suzanne was wonderful about it and is working to get my item ready as soon as possible.
Glenna Case customer review
on 08/16/2017
St. Louis Park Store
I gave the driver 6 items in a plastic bag: 2 larger green and white striped, square pillows, 1 small rectangular pillow with crochet on one side, 1 down comforter, and 2 silk knit tops. I have received back only the 2 knit tops, which you charged me over $30.00 to clean. I was supposed to receive 50% off. Does that mean you would have charged me $60.00 to clean 2 knit tops? And what happened to the rest of my items? When will I get them? I have heard nothing from you except the driver told me they did not come in. They haven't come today either. I'm very displeased.
Robert Ribciuc customer review
on 08/16/2017
St. Louis Park Store
Lots of surprise extra charges not disclosed upfront or on the receipt had to do math and ask questions to be told multiple extra charges like French cuff etc.
Paige Uher customer review
on 08/11/2017
244 Townsend Store
This was our first time using Mulberry to dry clean a table cloth we use at conferences and it is ruined. It came back with snags in the cloth. It is a $220 table cloth that I needed to take for a conference tonight.
VICTORIA LAU customer review
on 08/07/2017
207 Berry St. Store
I recently dropped picked up my dry cleaning and noticed that my shirt had stains that were not removed. The shirt did not look like it was cleaned at all, just ironed. Another shirt, which has never been worn, had heat singed markings on the back and also had white fuzzes on the inside of the shirt. Additionally, the shirt was never appropriately pressed as it had ceased marks on the arm and also had started to pilling. I will never go back to Mulberrys again as the cashier did not offer any solutions to my concerns raised about my shirt. She also said that if she sent it back and if the shirt was damaged, it Mulberry would not assume any liabilities. I will also pass on this bad reviews to other friends and also post this same complaint on yelp.