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Vaneeta Mehta customer review
on 07/16/2019
Burlingame Store
They forgot to pick up our laundry :(
Heather Wilson customer review
on 06/19/2019
Burlingame Store
My concern with was the customer service I received. I had to repeat my name and contact information several times to the woman behind the desk, and then she still did not get my email address correct, so I never got my invoice. I had to call to give my contact info again. Then, when I picked up my garments, the woman behind the desk seemed incredibly apathetic, and bothered to have to assist me. This was my first experience with Mulberrys.
Farralon Udom customer review
on 04/19/2019
Burlingame Store
I'd really like more transparency in pricing. I shouldn't have to email for a itemized receipt.
Kayoko Wong customer review
on 03/22/2019
Burlingame Store
Greg Melvin customer review
on 03/19/2019
Burlingame Store
1) Expensive 2) sometimes I get my shirts hung and other times folded 3) Folded shirts have plastic (the whole point i switched to Mulberrys is no plastic) 4) Service is relatively slowThe Good: Clothes come with nice hangers The collar stays in shirts is a nice touch You show up when scheduled The outer bag is a reusable which is good
JAD Vargas customer review
on 08/29/2018
Burlingame Store
They don’t smell clean, they smell like they need to be cleaned like musty or something. For the $10/item price I expect them to at least smell like they are clean after.
YQ Wei customer review
on 12/02/2017
Burlingame Store
The manager at the burlingame store is very nice, but your pricing is just too confusing. Your website indicated the price for dry clean of a Sweater or a Blazer is $8.99, but my sweater jacket was charged for $13.78. There is also added environmental fee per item.
Geraldine Eglip customer review
on 06/28/2017
Burlingame Store
Margaret Lukens customer review
on 06/22/2018
Burlingame Store
I want you to succeed, I really do! Especially right now, because my washer is broken and I haven't replaced it. And I've started a couple of businesses, so I have all respect for you and how hard you all must work to get this business off the ground! With that said I'd like to share the things in my brief experience that have not gone right.Rule one: do not confuse the customer. How things work was very unclear. Your app is a mess.The pricing on the website (not easy to find) for wash + fold is "per piece." We took some items into the store for wash + fold but were told they were too few so would be dry cleaned. Really? Seems very odd, but if it's true, maybe you could post a minimum. Usually wash + fold service is by the pound. Are you really going to charge me $2.99 for a single pair of underwear? We'll see. I have to be willing to take a risk. I can't order from you and know what I'll be charged.Three times I have gotten a discount code and been unable to use it. The second time was to get a percentage off the first delivery, but when I tried to use it for my first delivery, I got an error message that it had already been used. But it couldn't have been used, because I've never asked Mulberry to deliver. The third time was just now -- got a code, tried to input it on the app, got an error message: unknown code. (It was "wash20".)Sent clothes in yesterday (Thursday) for wash + fold. Earliest return date available on the app was Sunday. Today I got a notice that the order is done and, if an in-store customer, I can pick up; if delivery, I'll get it back when scheduled. Why can't I have it delivered as soon as it's ready? The app won't let me change the delivery date so I guess I have to wait for the original return date and time. But then the app says it's NOT done, so who knows? Maybe the email and mobile notification were in error. In any case, very confusing and frustrating.I just now tried to schedule a pick-up for tomorrow on the app. I thought it went through, but the app shows an active order for today, but it doesn't show up in the "all orders" tab. I feel uncertain about when or whether you'll show up. I can't remember what time I entered for the pick-up and I have no way to check when you're coming. This is part of what I mean about your app being a mess.Four orders in (two in-store and two delivery) and I'm still trying to figure out how to work with you guys. Not everyone has a broken washer and will be as persistent as I am.Something that is part good, part bad: I like the wooden hangers, but I am afraid my closet will soon fill with them, and I don't really like knowing that the cost of them is in the price of the service.Some things that went right: No odor whatsoever! No chemical smell. Everything beautiful! Staff in store has been very pleasant + prompt!I wish I had more good news, and I appreciate your interest in hearing about my experience!
susan mallen customer review
on 05/29/2018
Burlingame Store
my items were not ready , when promised
CHRISTINE NOBLE customer review
on 01/23/2020
Burlingame Store
I scheduled a pickup online and it confirmed that you would pick up on Thursday between 10-12pm. That day and time came and nothing was picked up from Mulberry's. I had to email you and finally someone got back to me at 4:30pm who had a driver from Postmates do the pickup. I was willing to let that mistake go but then you messed up the delivery too! It was supposed to be delivered on Monday, 1/20/20, but that didn't happen. Again, I had to email you to ask where my order was! Ridiculous! Then someone finally got back to me and scheduled the delivery for Wednesday, 2 days late! It would have been nice to hear some kind of apology from Mulberry's but I haven't. Of course you didn't hesitate to charge us immediately. Basically, just bad customer service all around. I'll be looking for another laundry service for our future orders.
Brian Joe customer review
on 06/01/2019
Burlingame Store
Hi there,I tried your Burlingame location for the first time. I go to the optical shop next door. I came for help cleaning a stain off a new white polo shirt that did not come off.I was a bit disappointed that the person helping me did not seem knowledgeable at all in cleaning clothes. He was very nice but could not answer any questions such as what options do we have for trying to clean the stain again and why is there black lint on my cleaned white polo? The answer was I need to ask my manager on Monday for both questions. No attempt at using a lint roller.This is a hassle since I only have time on the weekends for dropping off or picking up my cleaning. I ended up paying even though I was not satisfied with tue result just so I can take my shirt to another cleaner that I can speak to about cleaning options and not wait until next Saturday. I also replied to a Mulberry order ticket email with instruction reminders and did not get a response.I like to support local businesses...especially ones that leverage technology for a better customer experience but I was disappointed this time.Thanks for considering my feedback.Brian
Aykut Atali customer review
on 01/20/2019
Burlingame Store
Mulberrys ruined my favorite pants...I brought my pants for dry cleaning, nothing complicated simple stain and you did a good job with it as I expected. Then I realized the cheap hanger you use leaked glue on my pants so I brought it back to the Burlingame store to be redone. Today when I came to pick up I just saw that my pants was totally ruined with a two big stains (most likely permanent) - you simply destroyed my favorite pants. I'm super mad, super sad...the lady in the store took it back and told me someone will call me tomorrow. 1. I can't believe how you manage to do destroy it 2. Don't you do any quality control of your work? How come can you even claim it done and give it back to the customer in that sate? You charge 2-3x of other cleaners. I took pictures of it, can't attach here. I really hope you fix this very quickly.
Amit Vyas customer review
on 01/16/2019
Burlingame Store
I've been using Mulberry for quite some time. I'm really disappointed by a few things: our last dry cleaning, the clothes were pressed but definitely not cleaned (food particles, stains still there) and I can share pics. Second, when we went to use a 20% coupon that was given via email, it wasn't in honored because it wasn't in the system. Lastly, I get numerous emails that are incorrectly addressed to me regarding pickups/deliveries that give me little confidence in your system, and quite honestly my privacy.Happy to give more details over the phone.Amit
William Schlotter customer review
on 08/07/2018
Burlingame Store
** NOT TO BE POSTED *** My ten month old son's shorts had mold on them from being wet in a bag for over a week. I was unable to remove the mold so I decided to have them handled by an expert. Upon dropping them off I very clearly showed the mold to the clerk who was skeptical but didn't seem to have enough experience to say the mold would or would not be removed. I think that he felt concerned about the cost (~$10) given the [small] size of the garment, but also didn't have any authority to deal with that. The shorts were ready in less than 24 hours. I picked them up from the same clerk. Upon inspection it was clear that the stain was not at all removed. He noted that the stain tag was still on hanger so they were unable to remove the stain. Again he felt awkward about price given the result, but didn't seem to have any authority to do anything about it. I was kind and didn't request a refund because he had upheld the terms as he felt obligated. But I left feeling pretty bad about the overall experience. Upon more thought I think my major problem was that I paid over $10 for a failed service. Had the charge been more modest I don't think I would have expected such a high level of service. But for $10 I was expecting more than. So far I don't see any reason why to return to or recommend your business. **** NOT TO BE POSTED ****
Inga klein customer review
on 12/24/2017
Burlingame Store
This is the first time Im using your wash and fold service and I am very disappointed with the outcome. I had 3 large bags of laundry including mens, womans, boys and girls clothing. Everything came back mixed up, folded haphazardly and wrinkled. This is not what I was expecting to open when I opened the bags of clean laundry. there was no care put in to folding the clothes, it is very clear that it was done in a rush manner. Just as an example; Out of 10 shirts for my kids, they are all folded a different way, some of them not even folded, just kind of "put together". I had to refold EVERY.SINGLE.ITEM. It took me longer to organize/refold and iron the items I sent to you than It would have just taken me to do the laundry myself. I am very disappointed.
Mehak Chopra customer review
on 09/27/2017
Burlingame Store
The sweater I gave is still dirty. Very unhappy with the service. Will bring it in to show.
Dana Linda customer review
on 09/26/2017
Burlingame Store
To Whom It May Concern:I left a voicemail yesterday on your corporate line with respect to the ensuing issue. I am writing to follow up on a recent order that was charged on 09/09/17 in the amount of transaction of $165.37.This order failed to return our wash and fold, and mistakenly included that of another client. Upon discovery, we returned the contents immediately to the Mulberry Burlingame location; but were told that nothing could be done to retrieve our clothing until the following Monday, 9/11. Unfortunately, we were traveling out of the country on Sunday, 9/10 and my husband had to subsequently purchase ~$100 in new clothing to take on our 2-week trip.We have been loyal customers to Mulberry, and would prefer to continue to use its services; however, we are asking for compensation for the inconvenience and cost that this error created for us.Thank you,Dana