The Difference Between Wet Cleaning and Dry Cleaning


Wet cleaning? Dry cleaning? Do you know the difference? Why do you need one or the other?

As our CEO, Dan Miller said in an interview with Business Rockstars, “Dry cleaning is essentially cleaning your clothes in anything other than water.”

Does that mean a dry cleaner is washing your clothes in things like gasoline or glue? Probably not.

Well, we hope not. If they are, you should bring your clothes immediately to Mulberrys for a high-quality dry cleaning experience, including the ultimate convenience of dry cleaning pickup and delivery!

Here at Mulberrys, we offer both dry cleaning and wet cleaning services.

How are they different?

Dry Cleaning: Suede, wool, and silk should always be dry cleaned. These fabrics are delicate. Your clothes are placed in a machine that fills with solvents which loosen the stain. Using classic craftsmanship, Mulberrys cleans with naturally occurring solvents to ensure your clothes are clean and the environment is safe during the process.

Wet Cleaning: Wet Cleaning uses gentle washing methods and biodegradable soaps and conditioners and water to clean your clothes. At Mulberrys, we work with almost any fabric and fiber. To avoid shrinking your clothes, we use state-of-the-art professional technology to determine the precise balance of water and heat needed to clean difficult stains from your clothes while maintaining the same perfect fit and bright color that you expect.

If you’re not sure if you should use wet cleaning or dry cleaning, don’t worry.  A Mulberrys store associate can make a recommendation!  You can be sure that your clothes are safe with us.