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Mulberrys Dry Cleaners is the premier cleaners for the people of Hopkins and cities surrounding Minneapolis. By offering premium artisan services such as leather, fur and wedding gown cleaning and preservation, Mulberrys isn’t your ordinary dry cleaners.

Mulberrys Garment Care serves Hopkins, Minnesota, a charming and historic suburb of Minneapolis known for its vibrant downtown and strong sense of local community. Located near key attractions such as the Hopkins Center for the Arts and the bustling Mainstreet, Mulberrys caters to residents who appreciate convenience and quality. This area’s close proximity to the Shady Oak Beach and recreational areas ensures that Mulberrys Garment Care is a convenient and reliable choice for top-tier dry cleaning and laundry services in the Hopkins area.

Premium Sustainability

Mulberrys means dry cleaning on a mission. We are the Twin Cities’ source for 100 percent toxin-free dry cleaning. Our detergents and processes are always done without the use of harmful and damaging chemicals.

Our state-of-the-art cleaning facilities are also outfitted with water-conserving technology. Our wet cleaning services use precise amounts of heat and water to properly clean your clothing and household items. By using an appropriate combination, your clothes won’t come out faded, pilled or stretched by excessive heat or water. Not only will your clothes come out fresh and thoroughly clean, but we help our great state’s environment, too.

Since none of our detergents contain harmful chemicals, Mulberrys doesn’t pollute the water or your clothes. In addition, we use recycled wood for our hangers and recyclable garment bags. We can provide Hopkins with the cleanest clothes possible while standing by our environmentally friendly efforts. And in a place like Minneapolis, one of the greenest cities in the U.S., being eco-conscious just makes sense.

Check out all of our garment care services

Dry Cleaning: Here at Mulberrys we combine craftsmanship and technology, giving our customers a 100% toxin free service.
Wet Cleaning: The wet cleaning process uses technology that can determine the right amount of water and heat to clean your clothes. This will give you the perfect fit and brightest colors, time after time.
Wedding Gowns: We preserve and even restore wedding gowns at Mulberrys. Our specialists take pride in helping protect one of your most valuable heirloom.
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Convenience in a Class of Its Own

Coming to Mulberrys isn’t just another chore to scratch off your to-do list. We know your Mulberrys Garment Care experience will be an easy and convenient venture. You’ll never have to worry about getting stuck in never-ending lines or missing our operating hours.

Mulberrys of Hopkins is open seven days a week and they all offer extended hours—well past quitting time of the average workday. When you’re traveling in or around Minneapolis, you’re sure to be near a convenient location. But we understand you: You have a busy schedule and can’t always find time to make it in. This is why Mulberrys has several hassle-free options to get your garments cleaned and back to you:

  • Convenient Hours: All of our locations throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul and surrounding areas are open late during the week.
  • 24-hour Drop Box: If you miss the chance to drop off your garments during our hours of operation, look to any of our 24-hour drop boxes. Drop your order with instructions into our safe and secure drop box any hour of the day, making us fit into your schedule any time!
  • Pickup and Delivery: Can’t make it to Hopkins’ nearest Mulberrys location? Sign up for our pickup and delivery route. Our friendly and convenient delivery drivers will pick up your garments and deliver them back to your door—and no need to tip!
  • On-demand Service: If you need your clothes dry cleaned or laundered and it isn’t a delivery day, use our new on-demand service. We’ll pick up your order within an hour of receiving your request.

No matter your schedule, Mulberrys will be the easiest task on your to-do list. With our friendly and knowledgeable experts, we strive to be a convenient and easy part of your day.

Incredible Range of Services

We’re your local experts in artisan dry cleaning, however our know-how and skill stretches well beyond that. Our services cover dry cleaning or fluff and fold to leather revamping and wedding gown preservation. We can clean the toughest stains from shirts or household items using our eco-friendly techniques and processes.

Our expertise in cleaning garments goes well with our ability to tailor and alter all of your clothing. As one of the leading tailoring experts in Hopkins and the Twin Cities, we can do everything from replacing buttons and stitching hems to complex alterations to make sure your entire wardrobe fits you perfectly.

We can repair your most delicate garments as well as your bags or shoes. Bring us your fine leather shoes, stiletto high heels or worn boots. We can clean and repair them to ensure they last your for years to come. Whether it’s fixing a loose stitch or replacing your leather or rubber soles, Mulberrys realizes your shoes are an investment—we want to help them last your a lifetime.

Beyond clothing and accessories, Mulberrys can care for all of your difficult-to-clean household items. We are capable of cleaning hefty comforters and quilts, made of down or synthetic materials, so they’re fresh and will last for years to come. In addition to your linens or curtains, we can clean your delicate Battenburg lace and fragile embroidered items. Mulberrys wants to make sure all of your items, in and out of your wardrobe, are clean and fresh as best as possible.

Wedding Gown Preservation

Alterations, tailoring or shoe shining and repair are all exclusive services Mulberrys offers to our customers. To make your Hopkins location a true one-stop shop, though, we also offer wedding gown cleaning and preservation.

Not many dry cleaning businesses know how to truly care for one of your most treasured garments—but Mulberrys does. Our experts know how to properly clean and preserve your wedding gown so it looks like new for years to come. If you’ve dreamt of daughters or granddaughters wearing your gown down the aisle, look no further than Mulberrys to help that dream come true.

Best Hands in the Business

Your satisfaction is guaranteed with Mulberrys—or we’ll redo your services free of charge. From our highly experienced tailors to our world-class pressers, your toughest stains are no match for our toxin-free detergents and processes.

We meticulously barcode and mechanically sort each piece of your order. This way we can follow your order from start to finish through each step. Our advanced technology ensures every piece of your order is being cleaned, pressed or altered on time and to perfection—you won’t have to worry about getting your order back with missing parts ever again.

Our unmatched convenience, environmentally friendly standards and broad offering of services makes your local Hopkins Mulberrys Garment Cleaners the best choice for your dry cleaning needs. As Minneapolis’ preferred green dry cleaning service, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Call or stop in today to see how Mulberrys Garment Care can help all of your garment needs.