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Dry Cleaning Delivery in Lakeville, MN

Mulberrys Garment Care serves Lakeville, Minnesota, a rapidly growing suburb south of Minneapolis. Known for its family-oriented atmosphere and recreational opportunities, Lakeville boasts attractions like Lake Marion and Antlers Park for outdoor activities. The city’s mix of residential charm and commercial vitality, along with its proximity to major highways, makes it a prime location for families and professionals alike. Mulberrys Garment Care caters to this diverse community with exceptional dry cleaning and laundry services, ensuring that Lakeville has access to high-quality garment care.

Mulberrys dry cleaners in Lakeville will bring your dry cleaning and laundry right to your door. No more wasting time driving through Lakeville traffic. Now you can simply order a pickup for you dry cleaning and laundry in Lakeville and Mulberrys will come to your home or apartment.

Affordable Dry Cleaning

Lakeville has voted Mulberrys the best dry cleaner, and we are so appreciative. We have even been nominated as one of America’s Best Cleaners. Our stores offer competitive pricing on all of our services for both dry cleaning and garment care. Toxin-free cleanings are also available, which we feel makes us the greenest cleaner in Lakeville. Our guarantee is to have our clothes and garments cleaned as quick as possible; fitting dry cleaning seamlessly into your daily life – keeping your schedule as clean as your clothes (i will change this line with each location)

Personalized Dry Cleaners

At Mulberrys you will be provided with your very own personal dry cleaning account to keep your dry cleaning delivery and services in one place and on track. Other dry cleaners in Lakeville, MN may claim to have quick turnaround and offer delivery services but Mulberrys customizes all of their services making sure you are completely satisfied with all of your dry cleaning services.

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Dry Cleaning: Mulberrys dry cleaning service provides its customers with 100% toxin-free technologies combined with classic service and craftsmanship.
Wet Cleaning: With our state-of-the-art technology we balance the right amount of water and heat needed to clean clothes without stretching or discoloring.
Wedding Gowns: Our wedding gown restoration and preservation specialists are always on hand to assist in protecting your priceless heirloom for years to come.
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