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Pick-up Dry Cleaning in Medina MN

Mulberrys Garment Care serves Medina, Minnesota, an affluent suburb northwest of Minneapolis known for spacious residential properties and scenic landscapes. This community is characterized by a quiet, family-friendly atmosphere and proximity to larger commercial hubs and event spaces like the Medina Golf & Country Club. Medina’s rural charm and high-end residential areas make it ideal for Mulberrys to offer premium dry cleaning and laundry services. Mulberrys thrives by catering to a clientele that enjoys a tranquil lifestyle while maintaining close access to the amenities of the Twin Cities.

Affordable Dry Cleaning

Mulberrys offers affordable service that also fits into your schedule! We offer competitive pricing on a wide variety of garments as well as delivery of your items to your door and one day cleaning as well. We guarantee our best work as quickly as possible in order to fit dry cleaning into your daily life.

Personalized Dry Cleaners

Mulberrys also offers your own personal dry cleaning account. With your personal dry cleaning account and delivery service options, we provide a quick turnaround, customized approach to ensure your complete satisfaction with all of our dry cleaning services.

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Dry Cleaning: Mulberrys offers 100% toxin-free options. We pride ourselves with premium craftsmanship and innovative technology in order to give you the best experience.
Wet Cleaning: Wet cleaning is another innovative technology that Mulberrys uses which gives you the best balance of water and heat keeping your clothes as new as the day they were bought.
Wedding Gowns: Restoration and preservation specialists are on hand at Mulberrys locations to keep your wedding gown in the best shape for years to come.
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