Garment Alterations Los Angeles

Getting garment alterations in Los Angeles is a bit of a luxury, one must admit, but it doesn’t need to cost thousands of dollars. You can call on one of our qualified tailors at Mulberrys to custom fit and repair your clothes on almost any budget. Once you see the difference that custom-tailored clothes make, you’ll never want to go back.

We’re not saying you should get every piece of clothing you own altered, but if you love something in your closet, why not take care of it? In fact, getting garment alterations in Los Angeles can help you refine your wardrobe so that it contains only items you love. Before you buy something, ask yourself if you would get a piece of clothing repaired if it tore or if you would get it tailored to fit you. If the answer is no, save yourself some money and avoid extra clutter. If the answer is yes, however, you know for sure that whatever you own or are buying is an excellent fit for your wardrobe.

Below are some garment alterations that can truly transform your wardrobe:

  1. Repair loose seams or torn fabric.

Clothes that see regular use take damage; there’s no way around it. Thankfully, though, you can do something about that damage. If your favorite shirt or dress is coming apart at the seams or if it has torn, get it repaired. The tailors here at Mulberrys will take care of your favorite garment with the same love that you feel for it. When we’re done with it, it’ll look like new — or better than new — and you’ll ask yourself why you haven’t been making use of garment alterations in Los Angeles all along.

Take in a shirt or dress at its side seams.

You know that shirt that would look great on you if it weren’t so boxy or baggy? A tailor can fix that. Any straight seam or loose-fitting garment can be taken in to give you a much more flattering silhouette. Shirts with large, boxy sleeves can be fixed too. Our tailors at Mulberrys can take in the sleeves at the seams so they actually hug your arms and you’ll avoid the ugly, baggy look.

  1. Add a Shirttail hem or shorten your shirt.

One of the primary reasons people get garment alterations in Los Angeles is to shorten their shirts or have shirttail hems added. Shirts that are too long overwhelm small frames and can make larger frames look bulkier. By adding a shirttail hem, you can transform the boring straight line of a long shirt into a curved and flattering one. Additionally, shortening a shirt can allow you to tuck it into pants or a skirt without making your lower body appear lumpy and large.

  1. Hemming jeans or pants.

Adding a hem to your jeans or pants is an affordable alteration, but it makes your clothing look priceless. It takes your too-long pants that hang funny and turns them into perfect-fitting pants that hang off the hip the way the clothing designer envisioned. Also, if you have pants that are perfect other than the fact that they’re a bit too short, you can do something about that, too, with our garment alterations in Los Angeles.

  1. Shorten a top.

If you often find your tops showing a bit too much of your chest, it’s likely because they’re fitted for a longer torso than yours. This is an easy adjustment that will improve both the fit and feel of the garment. When a top is shortened, the shoulders are adjusted to fit your body. This works best with a sleeveless top, but it can also work with long-sleeved garments on occasion.

The above list is a modest representation of what garment alterations can offer. Really, though, if you can find a problem with how your clothing fits, the tailors here at Mulberrys can help. We can even help customers who are pressed for time with our express service. You just need to put your clothing in an express bag with instructions and we take care of the rest! Garment alterations in Los Angeles don’t get easier than that.