Shop Mulberrys Dry Cleaning & Laundry Service Gift Cards

How do Mulberry’s laundry service gift cards work?

Dry Cleaning and Laundry service gift cards are the perfect gift for teachers, college students, neighbors, coworkers, and parents of newborns. Mulberrys laundry service gift cards come in increments of $25, $50, and $100. We also include an option for you to select your own value for a custom gift card. When you purchase a gift card the recipient will receive an email telling them who sent them the gift and then the gift card amount. Then they can either print out the card or show it on their phone at the nearest Mulberrys location. An average order is around $45 so a $50 gift card is great for a visit.

Laundry Service Gift Cards FAQs

  • Do the laundry service gift cards have expiration dates?

    Mulberrys gift cards do not have expiration dates. Use them whenever is convenient for you.

  • Are there any services that the gift cards cannot be applied to?

    There are no restrictions on Mulberrys gift cards. Apply them to any service Mulberrys offers from Wedding Dress Restoration to Shoe Repair.

  • Are there any deals or coupons for buying gift cards from Mulberrys?

    Not at this time, but occasionally we will offer gift card deals. Join our email list to be informed about future deals.

  • How are the gift cards delivered to recipients?

    Gift cards are emailed to recipients who can either print out the card or show it on their phone at their nearest Mulberrys location.