Grant Park Condos Partners with Mulberrys

Mulberrys Serves Minneapolis Condos

Mulberrys’ Garment Care is Minneapolis’ preferred dry cleaner. Our unbeatable standards and adherence to 100% toxin-free dry cleaning means you can always expect the cleanest garments possible while treating the earth well. While our locations throughout the Twin Cities are open during convenient hours and are easily accessible, we offer full-service pickup and drop-off to Grant Park Apartments.

Grant Park Condos located at 500 E. Grant St. in Minneapolis offers Mulberrys’ premium services right in the most convenient location possible—the lobby! Located near the guts of Minneapolis’ bustling downtown, Mulberrys Garment Care enables residents to get their dry cleaning needs done without a second thought.

Whether you work or live at Grant Park Apartments, full-service dry cleaning is just moments away. Mulberrys picks up and drops off garments twice a week, however Grant Park Apartments’ residents can also use our on-demand service. If you need a dry cleaning pickup but it isn’t a regularly scheduled pickup day, go online and request on-demand service. Our driver will be to you within an hour of receiving the request to pick up your garments.

Grant Park Apartments offers its residents a lobby that is staffed 24 hours a day, so you’ll always be able to drop off your garments in a safe and secure way. Mulberrys can also offer lockers to be placed in the lobby, which is another safe and secure option to drop off or pick up your garments.

Premium Green Dry Cleaning in Downtown

Mulberrys Garment Care offers artisan dry cleaning, wet cleaning and more all done without the use of chemicals. Our proprietary methods use a toxin-free solvent made from corn right here in Minnesota to achieve the cleanest cleans and whitest whites. You won’t be punished with the overwhelming scent and harmful effects of perc when you get your garments back from us.

Toxic dry cleaning methods are outdated and harmful to both you and the environment. Our wet cleaning methods also use smart technology to calculate how much heat and water is needed for your specific garments and laundering needs. By using precise amounts of water and heat, you’re not only preserving water, but you’re also preventing your clothes from stretching, fading, pilling and shrinking.

Biodegradable soaps and detergents are Mulberrys’ premier tools. Stains from wine, blood, mud and chocolate are no matches for the power of our chemical-free methods. After your garments are cleaned to perfection, our world-class pressers add the perfect touch to your ready-to-wear garments.

We understand that you invest a lot into your wardrobe—let us help you preserve it for years to come. Our services are brought right to you in your very own lobby at Grant Park Apartments, so dry cleaning has never been easier.

More than Dry Cleaning in Minneapolis

While Mulberrys is well-known for its green efforts in producing quality dry cleaning, we offer a long list of other services for you to take advantage of at Grant Street Apartments, including:
Wedding gown cleaning and preservation: Whether you want to professionally clean and preserve your wedding gown for yourself or for posterity, Mulberrys can make sure it will continue to look as new and glowing as the day the you wore it down the aisle.

Tailoring and alterations: Mulberrys takes this craft seriously. We understand the level of experience necessary to be an expert tailor. Whether you have minor alterations, such as repairing a tear or button, or clothing overhauls, such as hemming, taking in or letting out garments, we have some of the best in the business who ensure our clothes fit perfectly.

Household cleaning: Some of the most used fabrics are also the most overlooked when it comes to laundering and cleaning them. Pillows, comforters and drapes collect some of the most dust and dirt when compared with the other fabrics in your home. Some of these are items you use every day or night without ever cleaning simply because they’re too bulky or awkward to wash. Mulberrys can pick up and drop off your household linens now, right from the convenience of your lobby.

Shoe repair and shoeshine: How many pairs of shoes have you loved but threw away because you thought they were beyond repair? Shoes are some of your most expensive accessories and Mulberrys can make sure they last you for years to come. Whether a heel breaks, a sole comes undone or an eyelet breaks loose, our craftsman can mend your shoe back to life. Or if your fine leather kicks look dull or worn, we can make them shine again with our shoeshine service.

Grant Park Apartments and Mulberrys: A Perfect Match

If you live or work in Grant Park Apartments, Mulberrys has you covered. Drop your order off today at your secured lobby and get your clothes back two days later—cleaned, pressed and ready to wear out on the town. With Mulberrys, dry cleaning isn’t a chore. Simply drop off your order on your way out the door to Target Field, Orchestra Hall, Guthrie Theater or a stroll down Nicollet Mall.

Never has dry cleaning been so easy. To find out more information or sign up for our pickup and delivery services, check us out today.