Leather Cleaners

Leather, Suede, & Fur Cleaning in the Minneapolis Area

Mulberrys is proud to offer unmatched cleaning and repair services in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area for your most treasured leather, suede and fur items. We offer unmatched convenience with 6 centrally located stores in the Minneapolis area, and our expert cleaners are ready to deliver unparalleled service to clean your clothing or leather accessories.

Mulberrys Cleaners  doesn’t cease its advanced cleaning technologies with linens and wedding gowns. Our toxin-free cleaning expertise branches out to even the finest materials such as suede, leather and fur. While these may be some of the most expensive and treasured materials and fabrics, these can also be some of the hardest to care for.

Choose the Best Leather, Suede, and Fur Cleaners in the Minneapolis Area

What sets Mulberrys apart from other cleaners when it comes to leather, suede or fur cleaning in the Minneapolis area?

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • A Team of Professional Cleaners with Expert Knowledge in Leather, Suede & Fur Cleaning
  • 6 Convenient Locations in the Minneapolis & St. Paul Area
  • Pickup and Delivery Options for Minneapolis Area Customers

Jackets, briefcases, pants and accessories are made from leather, suede or fur, and they each require a different method to properly clean, repair and protect them. Cleaning these fabrics at home can possibly damage the material beyond repair. At-home cleaning solutions could either stain these materials or dry them out afterwards, leaving you with weathered-looking or hard, cracked leather.

Mulberrys’ well-trained experts know how to treat stains as well as repair scratches, scuffs and natural wear-and-tear to your leather, suede and fur garments. Our environmentally friendly techniques ensure your items will come back looking like new. Guaranteed or we’ll do it over, free of charge.

Common Repairs Available for Leather, Suede or Fur Items

Leather garments are valuable investments and get an incredible amount of use out of their owners. They’re both durable and versatile and have been fashion staples through decades. Some repairs we can make to your leather, suede, fur or shearling garments include:

  • Mending rips and tears
  • Mending torn lining
  • Repairing ripped or splitting seams
  • Replacing pockets
  • Replacing broken zippers
  • Repairing broken or missing buttons, snaps and clasps

Fur coats and accessories should be inspected yearly for damage, wear spots, tears, etc. Winters are tough on our fine fabrics. These items should also be brought to your local Mulberrys Cleaners for a proper cleaning. The longer a fur garment isn’t cared for, the harder it may be to restore or clean. 

Our experts at Mulberrys Cleaners will always treat your garments with the best care possible. We’ll check your leather, fur, suede and shearling garments for excessive wear and tear. We’ll examine areas that experience the most use, such as the shoulders, front, closure and pockets. Any rips or tears that need to be repaired will be so as discreetly as possible. If we can, we’ll repair outer tears from the inside to disguise the damage and repair.

Contact Mulberrys in Minneapolis for Exceptional Leather, Suede or Fur Cleaning

Items crafted of leather and fur can last for decades, so before you throw away worn-looking items, try cleaning and repairing them first. You’ll be astonished at our immaculate capabilities when it comes to treating your investments. If you’re in the Minneapolis or St. Paul area, bring your leather, suede and fur to any of our Mulberrys Cleaners locations or call us at 866-473-0798. We’ll be more than happy to discuss options for your leather clothing or accessories and how we can help you. If you’re a delivery customer, simply place your items in your Mulberrys express bag. (We are also pleased to provide leather cleaning services in the San Francisco Bay Area)

Since this is a fairly time-consuming process to properly clean and treat your leather, suede and fur items, please allow 2–3 weeks for your order to be returned. Actual time needed depends on the severity and processes needed to get your order back to looking fresh, clean and new.