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Discover the best linen cleaners in Minneapolis when you choose Mulberrys Garment Care to dry clean your bedding, blankets, embroidery, or household linens. We offer the finest in professional linen cleaning techniques that are environmentally friendly while also making sure your household items look as good as new. We offer dry cleaning services for curtains, comforters, duvets, pillowcases, sheets, rugs, blankets, fine embroidery and linens…and more!

While you may know Mulberrys for our award-winning Minneapolis dry cleaners and convenient wash and fold, we offer linen cleaners that are second-to-none in the Twin Cities when it comes to convenience and impeccable service. Our cleaners are experts in knowing the right techniques to have all of your household linen items looking as good as new after receiving a toxin-free dry cleaning treatment at one of our locations in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding area.

You spend a lot of time in your home—walking on rugs, using towels, cuddling up in comforters and sheets, opening and closing curtains, or curling up with that heirloom quilt. After time, these items need care and cleaning, too. Dust, sunlight, oil, and a myriad of other things can accumulate on these household linens and you’ll start to notice that maybe they don’t look as good as they once had. The linen cleaners at Mulberrys can make your household linens, items, and linens look better than ever with our state-of-the-art toxin-free cleaning. Schedule your linen cleaning service online! 

Mulberrys Cleaners uses the same environmentally friendly techniques we use with your clothing and garments.

We know you invested a lot in these pieces, and we treat them as our own. You’ll be satisfied with how we care for and clean your household fabrics guaranteed or we’ll do it again for free.

Common Types Of Household Linens That We Clean

Some household items that our Minneapolis-area locations can professionally dry clean include:

  • Bedding
  • Curtains
  • Battenburg Lace
  • Tablecloths
  • Pillows
  • Rugs
Each of these common household pieces needs special care when cleaning. Especially if an item is significantly stained or soiled, it needs the extensive know-how of our highly trained staff. The stain removal and fabric professionals at Mulberrys Cleaners are the best in the craft throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and the Twin Cities. Our extensive background in cleaning and restoring the toughest fabrics makes us the perfect match for your household cleaning needs.

Bedding is a broad category including everything from bed skirts to comforters to shams. How these items should be cared for depends on how soiled they are as well as the materials used and how they’re assembled. Other factors that could play into the cleaning equation is age—how you’d care for a brand-new machine-made quilt versus great grandma’s handmade quilt requires different know-how.Comforters can be made from many materials, including cotton or down feathers, each requiring a different method of cleaning. While cleaning a large comforter may be possible at home in some cases, it is always best to get them professionally cleaned. Mulberrys has on-hand experts to treat your stained or soiled comforter, no matter the material, so that it gets back to you clean and refreshed for many nights to come.Just as the quality and materials used to make comforters can vary greatly, so can the quality and material of your bed sheets and shams. The fabric and thread count of your bed linens makes a difference in how they should be treated and cleaned. Silk sheets will require different techniques when compared with how cotton or even flannel sheets are cleaned.We spend nearly one-third of our lives sleeping. This means that our sheets can collect more oils, dirt or dandruff than you thought possible, which is why it’s so important to keep your sheets the best they can be. Bed sheets aren’t cheap—trust them to experts at Mulberrys Cleaners instead of risking their lifespan with home washers, dryers and chemicals.


Curtains are a great embellishment to any room. They can be an energy-efficient decoration by insulating a room, they can block out bright light or they may be there simply to add zest to a space. Mulberrys is well aware, though, that curtains often get hung and never properly cleaned, which compromises their appeal, your health and their lifespan.Curtains can catch and retain a tremendous amount of dust, pet dander and other allergens in the air. Not only does this make for a less-than-healthy home, it can make your curtains looks dirty and old. Cleaning them is the obvious solution, but often times they are made out of a variety of materials, from dark and heavy to light and delicate, that you may not know how to clean best.By bringing your curtains to Mulberrys Cleaners, you’re guaranteed the best service and results. We can clean your curtains no matter what they’re made of to be stain-free, dust-free and just as good looking as when they came out of their package. Our dry cleaning is always chemical-free and environmentally friendly.

Fine Embroidery And Lace

Fine embroidery or lace pieces are making a comeback today. Whether you buy them new or secondhand from a store selling vintage goods, it’s a good idea to get especially delicate embroidered linens and lace dry cleaned.Several reasons to get embroidered pieces cleaned by professionals include the age of the materials, the types of stains and the colorfast quality of the embroidery thread. If the material is very old and fragile, or if the edges of the embroidered piece aren’t finished, you could compromise the fabric itself. The piece could unravel or deteriorate beyond repair. Additionally, you could cause colors from the embroidery thread to leach into the surrounding fabric. Leave these fragile household items to us, and get them back looking better than ever.


As with curtains, delicate pieces and bedding, the material, age and construction of a rug all play into how it should be cleaned. It’s difficult to know how to handle and clean such a variety of materials, which is why it’s best to leave rug cleaning to the professionals at Mulberrys Cleaners.Your rugs go through a lot—they collect dirt, dust, water and whatever the dog drags in. They can become worn-looking or even faded by harsh and direct sunlight. While daily vacuuming or the occasional steam cleaning may seem adequate, it usually isn’t.Bring your rugs to Mulberrys Cleaners. We can thoroughly clean and refresh them. Mulberrys is full of highly-trained experts who know how to clean a large variety of materials and stains.


Pillows, much like our bed sheets, get used nearly every day. We toss and turn on them all year long, but how often do we clean the pillow itself? Sure, you can clean the pillowcase, but that doesn’t mean the pillow is truly clean—especially if it’s a pillow on a couch or chair, which often doesn’t have a pillowcase to clean.That means your pillows absorb day-to-day dust, pet dander and more, without ever being truly cleaned. Mulberrys Cleaners can wash and whiten your bed or decorative pillows to make them fresh and clean. Especially if your pillow is made of sensitive materials, such as down feathers, you could compromise your pillow if you treat it with chemicals at home.Mulberrys’ toxin-free cleaning technology ensures your pillows will be expertly cleaned to perfection, guaranteed or we’ll do it over free of charge.When you come to one of Mulberrys’ locations for your household linen and item cleaning, you can be at peace knowing you’ll be resting on the cleanest possible bed sheets pillows, quilts and more. We can rewind the damaging effects of sunlight and oil stains before they shorten the life of your household items—even delicate Battenburg lace or fine embroidery.Avoid things like bed bugs, dirt, dust, or mold by getting your curtains, bedding and other linens professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Mulberrys is here to make the process easy and convenient, with free pickup and delivery for your household linens in the Minneapolis area. From our sophisticated facilities and state-of-the-art technology to our eco-conscious efforts, you’re guaranteed the best service and care for your household linens and bedding items.

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