Mulberrys Launches Dry Cleaning…With Toxin-free Lasers


Mulberrys Launches Dry Cleaning…With Toxin-free Lasers

April 1st, Minneapolis

Mulberrys Garment Care, the Twin Cities’ leader in premium toxin-free dry cleaning announced today yet another breakthrough in dry cleaning technology: Laser Dry Cleaning.

“We believe that cleaning clothes in things like ‘water’, or other toxin-free liquids is so 2013,” said Mulberrys CEO Dan Miller. “So, we thought, instead of washing your stains off your clothing, what if we shot the stains with lasers? Toxin-free lasers.”

According to the company, lasers are a greener way of cleaning clothes than previous methods and the savings in water and other utility costs represent a real environmental benefit. While the lasers often blast large scorch holes in the clothing, Miller believes that customers will appreciate the fact that stains have been vaporized, not simply washed away.

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