San Francisco Dry Cleaners and Wash & Fold Laundry Service

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Mulberrys of San Francisco delivers high-quality dry cleaning and laundry services with professional expertise to the Bay area. Our environmentally friendly processes ensure garments are treated with care, guaranteeing impeccable results. From delicate fabrics to everyday attire, we offer personalized service to meet every customer’s needs.

San Francisco Dry Cleaning, Wash & Fold & Laundry Service

Experience unmatched quality and service from the best dry cleaners in San Francisco, CA! Mulberrys provides the most convenient wash and fold and laundry services San Francisco has to offer, combined with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Dry cleaning and wash and fold services with Mulberrys are loaded with exciting features for customers across San Francisco and the Bay Area! Use our handy dry cleaning app to place an order or pay your bill, or take advantage of our free pickup and delivery service offered to Bay Area residents from Oakland to Palo Alto. On top of these convenient features is our commitment to environmentally friendly and chemical-free dry cleaning and sustainable business practices.

Why Choose Mulberrys? Discover the Difference

  • At Mulberrys, we view dry cleaning and laundry as an art form. Our team of expert dry cleaners combines modern, eco-friendly cleaning technologies with traditional techniques to deliver unparalleled quality.
  • With the Mulberrys app, experience convenience like never before. Schedule on-demand pickups, track your order, pay your bill, and enjoy curbside pickup, all at your fingertips.
  • As the only carbon-neutral dry cleaner in the country, we use the most environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and recyclable packaging, ensuring a better planet for future generations.
  • Our boutique stores are not just places to drop off your laundry; they are designed to make every visit enjoyable. Enjoy extended hours, 24-hour drop boxes, complimentary coffee, and treats for your furry friends.
  • Your clothes are not just cleaned; they are cared for. They return to you on wooden hangers, accompanied by free collar stays and supports, ensuring they are ready to wear and in perfect condition.

The Difference is in the details… It’s the Mulberrys Way

At Mulberrys, we’re not just cleaning your clothes; we’re redefining the standards of garment care. Visit us today and experience the difference that craftsmanship, technology, and a commitment to quality can make.

Features of Mulberrys San Francisco Dry Cleaning and Laundry

Our San Francisco dry cleaners are proud to offer the following features to customers at 8 locations across the Bay Area:

Environmentally friendly dry cleaning & laundry 

We’re proud of our commitment to using safe, environmentally friendly cleaning products on all of your dry cleanings and wash and fold items. From toxin-free dry cleaning to eco-friendly detergents and recyclable packaging, almost every aspect of the Mulberrys San Francisco dry cleaning experience has been crafted to preserve and protect our natural environment while also keeping your clothing free from dangerous toxins or chemicals.

Convenient Bay Area Locations and Services

Mulberrys is the most convenient San Francisco laundry service, with 6 easy-to-reach locations. But we also have you covered if you’re unable to make it to our dry cleaning shops. Enjoy on-demand laundry pickup and delivery with same-day service on most dry cleaning or wash and fold orders across the Bay Area, including Mountain View, Oakland, Palo Alto, and surrounding cities.

Same-day Dry Cleaning 

Forget to drop off your dry cleaning and need it ready fast for that special event you have? Mulberrys has you covered with our same-day dry cleaning services in the Bay Area.

On-demand Services

Use our website or our app to schedule on-demand pickup services for all of your laundry and dry cleaning needs in the Bay Area!

Personalized Laundry & Dry Cleaning

We strive to provide the best dry cleaning San Francisco has ever received. We offer a personal dry cleaning account that helps you keep track of all your dry cleaning deliveries and services, plus premium features like wood hangers for your clothing.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

We strive for excellence when it comes to wash and fold, laundry, or dry cleaning services in San Francisco!

We provide San Francisco with convenient dry cleaning and laundry services at 6 locations, plus dozens of conveniently located Laundry Lockers across the Bay Area.

Mulberrys is the perfect solution to your search for convenient, affordable, and trustworthy dry cleaning services in the San Francisco area. Take advantage of our laundry or wash and fold services with a complimentary coupon for 20% off your first order.

San Francisco Dry Cleaning & Laundry Prices

Mulberrys offers convenient dry cleaning or wash and fold services at affordable prices in San Francisco, CA. We prioritize full transparency and are proud of our competitive pricing within the Bay Area. Below is a quick glance at prices for common dry cleaning and laundry items. If you’re interested in a subscription-based pricing model for regular laundry service in San Francisco, check out our wash and fold pricing and plans:

Wash and Fold - Small Bag $30
Wash and Fold - Large Bag $60
Wash and Fold Subscriptions ( Starting at $50 per month
Regular Shirt $5.49
Polo Shirt $8.99
Chinos/Denim/Corduroys $12.49
Regular Dress Starting at $17.99
Dry Cleaning
Pants/Skirt/Shirt/Sweater $12.49
Shorts $12.49
Suit Set $24.99
Regular Dress Starting at $17.99
Gown $55.99
Blazer/Sport Coat $12.49
Winter Coat $24.99
Overcoat $29.99
Outer Vest $12.99
*At this time Mulberrys is unable to clean curtains and window shades.
Comforter $49.99
Down Comforter/Pillowtop $54.99
Duvet/Comforter Cover/Bedspread $34.99
Sleeping Bag $29.99
Throw Blanket $14.99
Pillow Case $7.99
Decorative Pillow Case $9.99
Non-Fitted Bed Sheet $12.99
Fitted Bed Sheet $15.99
Table Cloth Starting at $19.99
Rugs $5.30 per square foot
Prices are subject to change based on the tailoring process.
Hem Repair $15.00
Hem Trouser $20.00
Hem Trouser Cuff And Press $30.00
Taper Trouser $50.00
Patch $15.00 & Up
Original Hem $30.00
Hem Dress $30.00 & Up
Hem Dress With Lining $55.00 & Up
Take In/Out Dress $55.00 & Up
Shorten / Lengthen Sleeves $40.00 & Up
Hem Sportcoat Sleeves $80.00 & Up
Shirt Button Replacement $5.00
Jacket Button Replacement $6.00
Sweater And Outerwear Zipper $40.00 & Up
Zipper Replacement $30.00 & Up
Shoe Shine $19.99
Tennis Shoes $49.99
Shoe Shine - Boots $49.99
Full Soles (Rubber) $69.99
Full Soles (Leather) $79.99
Baby Soles $19.99
Sewing, Strap Repair $9.99 & Up
Flap Re-Glue $9.99 & Up
Add Leather $24.99 & Up
Heel Reattachment (per heel) $16.99
Stiletto Heels $19.99
The little extras
Linen/Silk/Cashmere $2.99
Starch 25¢
Pleating 35¢
Beading/Decals/Gemstones $4.99
Expert Stain Removal 99¢
Delinting/Depilling $2.99
Special Requests +10%
Press Only 22% OFF
Same Day Rush Service +30%
Couture Fee* +30%
All dry cleaning and laundry prices shown here are approximate and may vary.

Additional Cleaning Services Available at Mulberrys in San Francisco

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San Francisco Dry Cleaning Store Locations

Palo Alto Dry Cleaners (Pickup & Delivery)

  • Palo Alto, CA 94303

  • 877-814-5421

San Carlos Dry Cleaning Services

  • 1161 Brittan Ave San Carlos, CA 94070

  • 650-593-9734

Belmont Dry Cleaning Services

  • 850 Emmett Ave., Suite B Belmont, CA 94002

  • 650-594-9921

Burlingame Dry Cleaning Services

  • 251 Primrose Road Burlingame, CA 94010

  • 650-579-6066

Marina/Cow Hollow Dry Cleaning Services

  • 2295 Filbert St. San Francisco, CA 94123

  • 415-440-3355

South Beach Dry Cleaning Services

  • 244 Townsend (between 3rd and 4th) San Francisco, CA 94107

  • 415-546-0629

Mission Bay Dry Cleaning Services

  • 207 Berry Street (at 4th) San Francisco, CA 94158

  • 415-284-9544


Additional Service Areas in San Francisco Bay

Wash and Fold Laundry Service in San Francisco

San Francisco and Bay Area residents can enjoy convenient wash and fold services from the dry cleaning experts at Mulberrys! In case you didn’t know, “wash and fold” services (also called “fluff and fold” laundry services) refer to local dry cleaners who will professionally launder your clothes with top-of-the-line equipment – completely taking the burden off of you! 

Benefits of Wash and Fold Services

Avoid the hassle of doing laundry and let the professionals at Mulberrys take care of all of your wash and fold items with options that combine premium service with affordable prices! 

  • Our wash and fold subscription plans will introduce affordable pricing alternatives that will help you save money and time! 
  • Simply schedule your pickup online and Mulberrys will pick up your wash and fold laundry items from your home and return them fully cleaned, folded, and in pristine condition. 
  • Our San Francisco wash and fold services will not only save you time but include the ultimate safety and convenience of free home pickup and delivery.

Watch this short video to envision the benefits of wash and fold with Mulberrys!!

Convenient 24/7 Laundry Locker Kiosks

If you aren’t able to make it to one of our 8 dry cleaning shop locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, Mulberrys still has you covered for dry cleaning and wash and fold, dry cleaning, and laundry service through our amazingly convenient Laundry Lockers! There are dozens of lockers across the Bay Area, including a conveniently located 24/7 public locker kiosk in the following locations:

Mulberrys also offers dry cleaning services in Minneapolis, MN.

Experience dry cleaning & laundry at its finest

At Mulberrys, we believe that dry cleaning and laundry should be a craft, not a commodity. Everything we do is focused on creating a truly unique dry cleaning and laundry experience. We want Mulberrys to be your go-to San Franciso dry cleaners, and our experts use a blend of modern, green cleaning technologies and old-world craftsmanship to ensure that your dry cleaning and laundry is returned in pristine condition.

Mulberrys also offers tailoring and alterations, wash and fold, leather dry cleaners, wedding gown cleaning and preservation, and comforter and linen service. And with the cutting-edge Mulberrys app, you can order a pickup within an hour and have your dry cleaning and laundry the next day. We encourage you to visit us and experience the Mulberrys difference for all of your dry cleaning needs.

How Dry Clean Pickup and Delivery Works

1. Schedule a

Schedule a pickup via the website or the mobile app. Select a convenient time to have your dry cleaning and laundry picked up.

2. Prepare your

Place your items in a bag (any bag will do) outside your front door. If you’re in an apartment or condominium building you can leave them at the front desk or one of our laundry lockers.

3. Enjoy your

Go to a concert or visit a park and let us take care of the cleaning. We’ll text you as soon as your order is ready.

Satisfaction Guarantee | Mulberrys Garment Care

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re ever unhappy with the quality of our dry cleaning or pressing, we’ll redo the item for free.

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