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Keep your bedding and household linen items clean, sanitary, and looking like new with our expert linen cleaners serving San Francisco and the Bay Area! The highly-trained professional linen cleaners at Mulberrys use the latest technology and most eco-friendly dry cleaning techniques to offer cleaning services for household bedding, curtains, embroidery, lace, tablecloths, and other linen items.

Mulberrys not only provides exceptional dry cleaning in San Francisco for all of your favorite clothing items and everyday wash and fold laundry, but we also offer the very best in high-quality linen cleaning services in San Francisco. From toxin-free cleaning to our free pickup and delivery in the San Francisco area, you won’t find more convenient linen cleaners in the Bay Area to ensure your bedding and other household linen items are cleaned in the safest and most effective way possible!

Oil, dust, and sunlight can accumulate on your household products, and leave them looking worn. Luckily, Mulberrys linen cleaners use state-of-the-art toxin-free cleaning to ensure that your household fabrics, linens, and items look better than before. Schedule your linen cleaning service online! 

Mulberrys uses the same special products and techniques that we use on your clothing and garments

If you’re not satisfied with the way that Mulberrys cleans your products, we’ll do it over, free of charge.

Here are just a few household linen items you can get cleaned at our San Francisco locations: Bedding, Rugs, Pillows, Curtains, Tablecloths, Battenburg Lace. We treat each of your household items in a specific manner, as not all products are the same. Our San Francisco stain professionals have an extensive background in stain removal, making us the perfect match for all of your household cleaning needs.

All bedding is not created equal. This is why we carefully assess the material, to determine how soiled the item is, and how old it is. Comforters can be made from a variety of different materials, ranging from cotton to down feathers. It can be difficult to clean a large comforter at home, which is exactly why we recommend professional cleaning. Mulberrys of San Francisco has on-hand experts to treat your stained or soiled comforter, no matter the case.The quality and material of your bed sheets and shams can also differ. The fabric and thread count of your bed linens makes a difference in how they should be treated and cleaned. Cotton sheets, flannel sheets and silk sheets are all treated using different methods. Trust the experts at Mulberry Cleaners to return your bedding to you better than ever. Don’t risk ruining your bedding set by attempting to clean your items at home. We spend nearly one-third of our lives sleeping, so it is important that you pay special attention to your bedding.


The Bay Area needs great cleaning professionals to clean the curtains covering your bay windows. Curtains are hung often, but they aren’t often properly cleaned. By bringing your curtains to Mulberrys Cleaners, you’re guaranteed the best service and results. No matter what fabric they’re made of, we will clean them. And, as always, our dry cleaning is environmentally friendly and chemical-free.

Fine Embroidery And Lace

Fine embroidery and lace are things items that you don’t want to risk cleaning at home. Whether they’ve been handed down to you for generations, or recently purchased at a department store, these items need special care. The types of stains and the colorfast quality of the embroidery thread can make a huge difference. The fabric itself can be compromised if the material is old and fragile, or if the edges of the embroidery piece aren’t finished. It is fairly common for the colors from the embroidery thread to latch on to the surrounding fabric when customers try to clean these pieces themselves. Leave your most precious household items with us, we promise they’re in good hands.


Your rugs go through a lot on a daily basis. May it be pets, dirt or dust, Mulberrys knows exactly how to clean it. Contrary to popular belief, occasional vacuuming and steam cleaning is not enough. You need a highly-trained expert who knows exactly how to clean a large variety of materials and stains.


We sleep on our pillows every night. We are also constantly using the pillows on our furniture in other rooms around the house. But when’s the last time you actually cleaned your pillows? Sure, you can wash a pillow case, but not all pillows have cases. Your pillows are absorbing the majority of the dust and particles floating around your house. If you want to ensure that your pillows are truly clean, take them over to your nearest Mulberrys Cleaners in San Francisco.Mulberrys can wash and whiten your bed or decorative pillows to make them fresh and clean. As always, we’ll clean your items with toxin-free technology that will guarantee satisfaction, or we’ll do them over, free of charge.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re ever unhappy with the quality of our dry cleaning or pressing, we’ll redo the item for free.