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Marina/Cow Hollow Dry Cleaning Services

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Marina/Cow Hollow Dry Cleaners

  • 2295 Filbert St.
    San Francisco, CA 94123

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San Francisco Dry Cleaners in the Marina/Cow Hollow District

Here at Mulberrys, we are proud to offer premium service to the Marina / Cow Hollow district in San Francisco. We have nine locations in the Bay Area, so you can be sure to fulfill your dry cleaning and laundry needs wherever you are.

We value each customer as an individual, making sure to pay extra care to every single garment that is entrusted to us. Mulberrys is more than just a dry cleaners, we’re 100% toxin-free, we’re efficient and we’re in the business of pleasing people. Give us a call today to find out more. Find out more information about our other San Francisco dry cleaning stores

Marina/Cow Hollow Services
Curbside Services
Mulberrys will bring your items out when you select "Order Ahead" on your mobile app. Or, simply text "HERE" to (651) 447-7042 when you arrive at our store.
Satisfaction Guarantee | Mulberrys Garment Care

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re ever unhappy with the quality of our dry cleaning or pressing, we’ll redo the item for free.


What our Dry Cleaning Clients say

Erica Botha
23:53 22 Mar 22
Love their online portal, and the fact that they come to your door to pickup with no added fees. My clothes were returned in excellent condition and they repaired a small hole in my duvet. Prices are competitive as well!
KJ Mendoza
23:08 07 Mar 22
I use Mulberry's for dry-cleaning my work clothes. I appreciate the convenience factor of the model. They provide the bag used for my items. They pick-up my items in the morning when I return to work and drop it off within a couple of days. It is quick and painless and I recommend it to people who are always on the move.
Alexa Franchot
18:39 04 Mar 22
Mulberry's subscription service has been a game changer for my family. I recommended them to friends who say the same thing. They are awesome!
Aloysius SanFrancisco
00:18 19 Feb 22
Mulberrys drop-off locker system (many lockers at various locations throughout downtown SF area, including in the parking garages of many large apartment buildings) is super convenient. They do a very good job of drycleaning (business suits, Woolrich blankets and jackets, etc.) and alterations (repair/hem jeans, etc.) Some of the Tech Ho Diva reviews winging about how their "pashminas" (likely 100% micro-fiber knock-offs from TJ Maxx) were "absolutely ruined" are hysterical, and obviously the result of said SF-Start-Up-Karen NOT being able to chisel Mulberrys on price. Don't believe the entitled, "I should be able to disrupt anyone and everything" BS. Do give Mulberrys a try.
jennifer thurlow
17:48 08 Feb 22
Very happy with mulberries! Their pickup and delivery process is easy and fast. Highly recommend!
Toby Frowen
00:23 07 Dec 21
They are responsive, professional & not overly expensive. Highly recommend.
Karen Michels
17:43 11 Nov 21
I've been searching high and low for an eco-friendly dry cleaner. Mulberrys is about as good as it gets. Professional, friendly, efficient, and reasonable. Fantastic customer service. BTW, you can ask for no plastic on your dry cleaning.
Ryan Klayman
22:31 20 Sep 21
Never had a lost or damaged item! Prices are a bit high for alterations and drycleaning, but has always been worth it because you don't have to be worried about your items. Delivery and pick-up service is always on-time and easy. Highly recommend!
Renee Russell
07:02 11 Sep 21
The owner is super nice and so cool. Great service!
Irina Poslavsky
18:09 01 Sep 21
They are a very knowledgeable dry cleaning service. They do a good job at with the basic services. When you specify what needs extra attention they pay attention to the request. They also, have a department that cleans mixed materials like cashmere dresses with suede trim.
Caleb Cunha
17:52 27 Aug 21
Went here for the first time to get my wedding suit and a few other items dry cleaned. They were friendly and helpful! I enjoyed that they were paperless and had an app that allowed me to track my order. I dropped off on Wednesday and they said the order would be ready by Saturday. I received a notification that my order was ready for pick up Thursday afternoon! They did a great job and it was a fair price. Will definitely be going back!
K Wong
19:46 20 Aug 21
I had 3 pairs of jean and a pair of chinos hemmed. I also had a shirt laundered. The work was done well. I requested that the garments returned folded in a paper bag. The shirt was folded nicely, wrapped in a plastic bag and placed in a paper bag but the pants were on hanger and covered with a large plastic garment bag. I am taking off one star. The world is overrun with plastic and other wastes. We all need to to do our part in reducing the use of disposable plastic products. Mulberry’s should do its part and explore others means of providing its services. No plastics please.
Anthony Tarantino
22:06 29 Jun 21
Toni was extremely helpful in getting me set up. Wonderful and clean storefront, and the app is easy to use. Great to have in the neighborhood 👍🏻
Trish Crawley
15:42 23 Jun 21
Excellent service and friendly folks. I am very particular about my clothes and have a variety of nice items that I take good care of. I have always felt they go above and beyond to ensure everything is done to the highest caliber. Clothes are also turned around quickly and the delivery’s service is very consistent. I can always count on getting my clothes back when they say I will. The app makes things really easy. Couldn’t be happier I found them.
Julie Brighton
20:39 17 Jun 21
Very high quality dry cleaning. I am really picky and they are the only ones who have never ruined any of my clothes. Plus, free pickup and drop off and customer service is great.
Lisa Tarufelli
23:50 24 May 21
I have been a customer for 3 years. Always on time and excellent quality of service.
Will Gibbs (Will)
18:07 07 May 21
Great Services. Worth the costs
Christine Cantwell
13:40 15 Apr 21
Mulberries bought out Laundry locker which i had used for years. It was a little glitchy during the transition but now I really finf thier free pock up drop off service easy and smooth sailing with good customer service.
James M
01:04 13 Apr 21
Always professionally cleaned, folded, and packed, and delivered on time. I have no complaints, and this service has been a lifesaver for someone who does not have washer/dryer of their own.
William Lee
16:34 12 Apr 21
They were super friendly and easy to work with.
David Rachleff
02:48 26 Mar 21
Very convenient for dry cleaning.
Michael Macdonald
14:04 16 Mar 21
Cheerful reception, excellent cleaning and garment care!
Leslee Subak
18:16 03 Mar 21
Responsive, great customer service, LOVE the delivery service. Professional and kind people - form delivery to customer service to cleaning tea, THANKS!
Emily King
09:32 21 Nov 20
Mulberrys - Marina District Dry Cleaners is your neighborhood dry cleaning! Everyone was very nice the moment I walked in and they altered my dress in time for my party. I will definitely make this my go-to dry cleaning spot!
Chrissy Seib
22:49 23 Feb 20
Great experience with these cleaners. Toni was super helpful and our clothes are in great shape! We also once lost an item and their investigation was so thorough that we got to the bottom of it and it turned out we had never dropped it off. Great cleaners!
The Devils Daugher
16:25 12 Aug 19
Jess is great! Super helpful
Tzu Hao Chen
15:53 11 Oct 18
great service, but a bit expensive tho.
Shelly Hunter
18:41 23 Apr 18
Mulberry's does fantastic work, great job on cleaning and alterations. Quick and convenient and they email me to pick up...seemless!
Patrick Lang
19:32 12 Feb 18
Remarkably efficient setup and great customer service. I dropped my shirts off at the Filbert Store and they were delivered to my home 3 days later in perfect condition. No more cracked buttons from the mom & pop dry cleaners. Superior service, environmentally friendly, comparable pricing. Can't beat it.
Amy Bronstien
00:38 03 Mar 17
So nice! Happy place :)
Danielle Cloutier
17:48 06 Dec 16
Green Streets Cleaners did an amazing job with my wedding dress! I found them via a Google Search for cleaners in San Francisco who could steam my dress prior to our destination wedding in the city. We were on a limited time frame, and I only had about 2 days to get the dress steamed before I needed it back, and I was concerned about finding somewhere that could handle it. As it turns out, Green Streets was such a find! Sean, our contact at the company, was SO HELPFUL. He was very communicative via email, helped me understand the process and timeline, found which location was closest to our hotel, and worked out when I could drop off my dress and get it back. All told, it took less than 48 hours (more like 24!) to get my dress steamed. All of the wrinkles from packing/traveling were gone. It was flawless. The cost? About $230, which was well worth it, given the limited time frame we had - I dropped it off on Tuesday, and I had it back Thursday morning (it was ready Wednesday evening), which was the day of our rehearsal dinner. I highly recommend Green Streets Cleaners for your wedding dress care! For those interested, my dress was a Pronovias dress: crepe column/mermaid style, with a bateau neckline, illusion netting and lace back, with lace going down the entire back of the dress, and a long train. I've included a candid photo, so you can see just how long it was - every inch of it looked great!
Tara Kriese
15:23 18 Oct 16
Carol Choy
16:53 18 Sep 16
I brought my wedding dress here and was super impressed with the service and results! The bridal team is always responsive over phone and email, and every person was knowledgeable about my dress and the cleaning process it was going to go through. After such an important event, it's always nerve wracking to hand over something so valuable to someone else's care, and I would only trust Greenstreets with my dress! The museum quality archival preservation and green cleaning was really important to me, and the level of service was an added plus!
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